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Snapchat+ reaches 5m paying members

Snapchat+ has surpassed the 5 million paying users milestone


Snapchat has surpassed the 5 million paying users mark for its Snapchat+ feature, adding a million more paying subscribers in just three months after reaching 4 million paying members in June.

5m people have subscribed to Snapchat+

Snapchat currently has over 750 million monthly active users, with over 5 million of those users paying for Snapchat+. Snapchat+ is the app’s premium subscription that offers users the option to pin a friend as a BFF, an exclusive badge, set a custom story expiration, story rewatch count, revive snap streaks, and more.

On the day of release, June of last year, the app announced, “Today we’re starting to roll out Snapchat+, a collection of exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features available in the app for $3.99/month. This subscription will allow us to deliver new features to some of the most passionate members of our community and allow us to provide prioritized support.”

Since its initial release, the picture-sharing platform has not only added more features, exclusively at first for subscribers, but it has also hit a milestone in terms of the number of subscribers. According to the company, “Since launch, subscribers have been the first to try more than 20 new features including our latest AI powered products, like My AI and Dreams, before they roll out widely to the rest of our community. In the past few weeks, we’ve also introduced extra Streak restores and expressive text sizes to emphasize what really matters.”

Snap streaks are a big deal to many users, while priority replies, chat wallpapers, longer story expiration options, and more, all have unique value to the Snap community, which explains why 5 million users have subscribed to the experience.

All features available in Snapchat+

  • Best Friends Forever (Pin as #1 Best Friend) 😊
  • Story Rewatch Indicator 👀
  • Custom App Icons 👾 (new icons added!)
  • Custom App Theme Editor 🎨
  • Special Badge ✪
  • Friend Solar System 🪐
  • Priority Story Replies ⭐️
  • Post View Emojis ✌️
  • Bitmoji Backgrounds 🌇 (new backgrounds added!)
  • Story Timer ⏱
  • Capturing Color 🎨
  • Custom Notification Sounds 🔔
  • Friend Snapscore Change 📈
  • Chat Wallpapers 💬
  • Custom Capture Buttons 🔘
  • Gift Snapchat+ 🎁
  • Story Boost 🚀
  • Map Appearance 🗺️
  • Replay Again 🔄
  • Chat Effects ↕️
  • My AI’s Bio 👤
  • Extended Best Friends List 💛
  • One free monthly Snapstreak Restore ⌛️

The social media application also states that they’re looking forward to hearing subscribers’ feedback on the subscription and that they will continue to update the experience as much as possible.

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