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The whimsical world of digital artist Dina Dennaoui

Are you ready to dive into an artists’ mind? It’s a wonderful place to be…

The whimsical world of digital artist Dina Dennaoui

Step into the wonderful world of digital artist Dina Dennaoui with her fantastical art of everything magical.

Who is Dina Dennaoui?

On her caption, Dina says she loves all things cozy & whimsical and that’s the best way to describe her art. But who is the artist behind the art?

Motivated social media influencer, Dina Deenaoui has over 7 years of experience in digital art as well as working on online platforms and content creation. With over 1.5 million followers on Instagram, Dina sends us on a wonderful journey far and beyond real life and movies.

Her work brings a warm spark of happiness and the feeling of home through our screen. Each image is a story with warm colours or intricate details. Whether it’s reading a book by window and watching it snow outside, or laying under Van Gogh’s starry night, sit back and look through Dina’s album.

Fantasy Artworks

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