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This 2023 TikTok hair trend is wild

TikTok trends can be unexpected and here’s another, cool or crazy (you decide) trend that emerged yet again

This 2023 TikTok hair trend is wild

Edgy hair fusion

The TikTok Jellyfish Cut, as described by Raven Hurtado, a stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, is gaining traction for its gender-neutral appeal and bold, artistic vibe. This hybrid style combines the dynamics of a bob with the edgy allure of a mullet, offering a striking blend of short and long hair simultaneously.

Star face of TikTok hair trend

Mari Trombley, a prominent figure in this trend, flaunts her bi-level hair on TikTok, showcasing its unique styling and coloring possibilities. She attributes her inspiration for this style to the character Yuna from ‘Final Fantasy,’ citing the character’s blunt bob and lengthy braid as a childhood fascination. Growing up partly in Japan, Trombley was exposed to similar hairstyles through anime characters, which further fueled her inclination towards the Jellyfish Cut.

@sillyyerba Reply to @bondjonescreations im starting a jellyfish club with jelly themed events for those interested! I’m setting up the Discord for it today! Stay tuned for an offical announcement soon! It’s going to be so cute. If you don’t have the haircut you can be a baby jellyfish. Theyre called ephyrae 🥹 excuse the mess! We are in the middle of rearranging right now!💓💓 if you read this ur a qt #jellyfishhaircut #sorryitsmari #hair360 #hairquestions #jellyfishhair #diyhair ♬ Jellyfish – Declan DP & Kodomoi

While Trombley and other users celebrate this trend on TikTok, it hasn’t escaped criticism. Opinions on the platform vary, with some labeling the cut as “ugly” while others praise its edginess. Trombley, however, encourages self-expression and breaking boundaries when it comes to personal style. She emphasizes the freedom to change appearance at will, promoting the idea that personal style is entirely individualistic.

The Jellyfish Cut joins the ranks of divisive haircuts, following the wave of the pageboy cut and the resurgence of ’90s-inspired micro bangs akin to Uma Thurman’s style in “Pulp Fiction.” Its distinctive blend of edginess and artistic flair marks it as the latest contender in the ever-evolving world of daring hair trends.

@realkitta #maincharacterhair #jellyfishhaircut ♬ original sound – The Seth McFarland of Drag

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