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Threads app to release new features soon 2023

With engagement down, Zuckerberg rolls out new updates in Threads


Despite breaking records after its initial release, with over 100 million sign-ups in less than three days, the Threads application by Meta has slowed in growth. Engagement has also declined since the application’s release.

New updates to Threads coming soon

In an attempt to keep the number of users on the application and engagement up, Meta is in the process of rolling out small tweaks to change user experience. For instance, a new section to view liked posts is coming soon, so that users can find content they previously engaged with.

The Meta team has also recently introduced new options for controlling notifications, which offer an additional means of managing users’ app usage.

Other key updates such as a desktop app and improved search will also happen with time. Most recently, there was the addition of a “following” feed, which improved the applications functionality.

With these changes, Zuckerberg expects trajectory for the application to soar.

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