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Threads will launch exciting features for 2024

Instagram’s Threads has got something new in store for the New Years

Threads will launch exciting features for 2024

Confetti texting

As we bid farewell to the current year, Meta’s Threads app is gearing up for New Year’s celebrations with a burst of exciting features. In a sneak peek shared by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, Threads introduces vibrant, Instagram-inspired colored text for New Year’s messages. This lively addition injects a playful spirit into your chats, setting the tone for festive interactions.

Accompanying the colored text is the introduction of a confetti launcher icon, adding a dynamic flair to your conversations. Once triggered, the confetti launcher unleashes digital explosions of confetti, creating a virtual celebration within the app. Reminiscent of Instagram’s festive elements, such as the birthday confetti effect, Threads aims to enhance user engagement during special occasions.

Threads will launch exciting features for 2024

Positive social interactions

Threads move aligns with its commitment to fostering positive social media experiences. By incorporating celebratory features, the app aims to encourage users to share their festive moments and contribute to the lively atmosphere. With New Year’s traditionally marking a surge in social media activity, the app strategically embraces these additions to establish its presence in the social landscape.

What’s Next for Threads?

While Meta has not officially announced these new features, the sneak peek from Alessandro Paluzzi hints at an imminent unveiling. As they test the waters with New Year’s celebratory elements, users can anticipate the app’s potential expansion to include similar features for upcoming holidays and events.

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