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TikTok 2023: Why the sudden rise in food-centric content?

Don’t know what’s trending on TikTok? We do, cause this is what everyone’s tapping into these days…

TikTok 2023: Why the sudden rise in food-centric content?

Social media can evolve within years, months and honestly even days and Influencers are always finding new ways to captivate their audience. A testament to this is Melissa Ben-Ishay, CEO of ‘Baked by Melissa’, known for her delectable bite-sized cupcakes, discovered a unique recipe for success—TikTok.

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Initially captivating followers with behind-the-scenes clips and cupcake decorating on Instagram and Facebook, Melissa ventured into TikTok in 2020, sharing cupcake-related content. However, the game-changing moment came when she posted a video featuring a salad, which garnered a staggering 9.8 million views. This pivot opened up a world of possibilities, attracting new audiences and leading to unexpected collaborations.

Food for all…

TikTok 2023: Why the sudden rise in food-centric content?

Not just Influencers, but celebrities too have plunged into producing food-centric content. Agencies have reported a surge in food Influencers and The Influencer Marketing Factory noted a 30% increase in client demand for food content creators, while CookIt reported a remarkable 25% company growth year over year.

Christopher Douglas, senior manager of strategy at Billion Dollar Boy, has said that food content serves as a versatile entry point for creators looking to diversify their content and stay relevant within social media algorithms.

The universal appeal of food allows influencers to collaborate with brands ranging from snacks to appliances, presenting an enticing and cost-effective option for advertisers.

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