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TikTok: Short versus long video content 2023

TikTok will be facing a shift in its video content format. What are they? Keep scrolling to find out…

TikTok: Short versus long video content 2023

Challenges to video content

TikTok, the star of short-form content, faces a pivotal challenge – how to ensure its creators are not just popular but profitable. This concern echoes the fate of Vine, TikTok’s predecessor, which succumbed due to a lackluster creator monetization strategy.

In response, the platform is charting a new course by encouraging creators to delve into longer-form content. In a recent private event in New York, executives emphasized the financial benefits of crafting videos exceeding a minute. This strategic move seeks to emulate YouTube’s successful revenue-sharing model, a feat currently unattainable with TikTok’s primarily 30-second clips.

Shifting landscape of TikTok

The platform hopes that this shift will retain its top talent, countering the migration of influencers to YouTube and Instagram. The platform envisions a future where users and creators alike gravitate towards extended content, fostering new advertising opportunities.

TikTok: Short versus long video content 2023

Early indicators suggest a gradual transformation, with TikTok revealing that users now spend half their time watching content surpassing the one-minute mark. Creators embracing longer videos experience a staggering fivefold growth in followers compared to their short video counterparts.

The future of entertainment

The company’s destiny may lie in becoming a long-from entertainment hub, aligning with it’s identity as an entertainment app. The app has already steered the social media landscape away from its traditional roots, minimizing the “social” aspect in favor of an entertainment-centric approach.

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