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TikTok expands “Add to Music App” feature 2023

TikTok expands its new feature to new horizans

TikTok expands "Add to Music App" feature 2023

TikTok expansion

The powerhouse of short-form videos is on a global mission to seamlessly integrate its musical prowess with third-party streaming services. Following the success of its “Add to Music App” feature in the US and UK, the platform has now extended its melodic reach to 19 additional markets, bringing more joy to music enthusiasts worldwide.

19 new Markets join the beat

The latest update empowers users in diverse corners, including Canada, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, and more, to earmark their favorite sounds. Whether you’re vibing in the Netherlands or dancing in South Africa, the app ensures that the beats travel with you.

How it works

Navigate the musical universe of TikTok, and you’ll find the “Add Song” button beckoning you from the For You feed. The magic extends to the Sound Detail page, providing multiple entry points for users to seamlessly transfer their preferred tracks to streaming services. Spotify enthusiasts will find their saved songs in the “Liked Songs” playlist, while Amazon Music users, particularly Prime or Unlimited customers, will have their tracks earmarked on a “TikTok Songs” playlist or a personalized selection.

TikTok expands "Add to Music App" feature 2023

Connecting artists and audiences

Ole Obermann, TikTok’s global head of music business development, expresses excitement about the global response to “Add to Music App” in the US and UK. The feature not only enhances music discovery but also propels tracks to break through and become hits. Lindsey Kelt of TikTok’s distribution partnerships echoes the sentiment, highlighting the streamlined musical discovery experience. As TikTok extends this transformational feature worldwide, it creates more opportunities for artists to reach new audiences and elevate their careers.

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