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How to play the confusing TikTok marshmallow game

Will you be able to make it to level 5 of the viral TikTok marshmallow game?

How to play the viral TikTok marshmallow game

A new viral trend has emerged on TikTok called the “marshmallow game”, where players attempt to chant phrases without losing count and getting confused. It’s actually quite harder than you realize.

The TikTok Marshmallow Game Explained

TikTok is always growing and always changing, which is why it’s better to hop on trends just as they rise. The worst thing to do would be to be late to the party, and this latest trend is so much fun, that you won’t want to miss out on it.

More and more videos have been posted over the past 6 days of users attempting to work out the “Marshmallow Game”. The hashtag #marshmallowgame has garnered over 9.7 million views at the time of writing this article, and it’s likely to increase in the next few days.

So, what is it and how do you play it exactly?

@haileyra I SWEAR ITS HARDER THAN IT LOOKS #korean #siblings #marshmallowgame ♬ original sound – Hailey Ra

To play, you need at least 2 players. Players are supposed to take turns chanting the phrases, “1 Marshmallow,” “Check it Out,” and “Woo!” in that order while rhythmically banging their hands on the table. The number keeps increasing as you go on, and each phrase needs to be repeated that number of times.

So, when you reach 2, the phrase “2 Marshmallow,” will be said twice, and so will “Check it Out,” and “Woo!”. Easy, right? You keep going until you mess up, then start again.

Most TikTok users are stopping at 5, and some are going on until 7. We don’t want to know how many tries that takes.

@elizabethlouise02 Marshmallow game😭 #marshmallow #marshmallowgame #woo ♬ original sound – Beth

Give it a try with your friends and see how far you guys go without messing up. You’re bound to get a good laugh out of it, and a viral TikTok video.

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