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TikTok Influencer reveals “Hotness Trifecta” 2023

Ladies, a TikTok Influencer has broken down the rules to achieving the best makeup look

TikTok Influencer reveals "Hotness Trifecta" 2023

Unlock the secrets to the “hotness trifecta” with makeup artist Jennifer Belle’s TikTok revelations that promise to make everyone “significantly more attractive.” Belle’s 3 step guide introduces a set of transformative touches that she swears by for those moments when you just need to look hot.

The first trifecta

TikTok Influencer reveals "Hotness Trifecta" 2023

First in the trifecta is the sultry eye makeup technique. Grab an inky black eyeliner and line your bottom waterline from corner to corner. Then, smudge bronzer underneath your lashes for an effortlessly sexy gaze. Belle insists this trick works wonders, even for those with smaller eyes.

Trifecta two

Next up is the “crescent moon effect” to sculpt a radiant glow. Use bronzer to shape a crescent moon around your face, from temple to cheek. Follow it up with a highlighter at the center of the crescent for that extra luminosity.

Third trifecta

The final touch, known as the “heart effect” focuses on your lips. Outline the shape of a heart in the center with lip liner, and you’ll find the perfect spot when you press your lips together. Fill the heart with lip gloss for a beautifully defined pout.

The TikToker, whose tutorial aimed to inspire people to step outside their comfort zones, shared that the rockstar effect, particularly the heart-shaped lips, received both controversy and love. Many women, initially hesitant, found themselves loving the bold look after giving it a try.

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TikTok tips

For an added tip, Belle suggests pulling lashes outward with mascara instead of going straight up. These simple yet effective makeup hacks can elevate your look, leaving you feeling confident and ready to conquer the world. So, the next time you want to turn up the heat, give Jennifer Belle’s “hotness trifecta” a whirl – it might just be the secret to unlocking your best self.

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