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TikToker takes sweet REVENGE against shopper 2023

TikTok users are divided over an act of revenge taken against a shopper…which side are you on?

TikToker takes sweet REVENGE against shopper 2023

Supermarket standoff

No more of petty grievances–TikTok sensation Lani Hyde has taken revenge to a whole new level after a supermarket standoff. Frustrated by an “inconsiderate” fellow shopper who refused to let her skip the line with only two items, Hyde orchestrated a bold retaliation that left the grocery store buzzing.

In her hilarious TikTok tale, Hyde described the supermarket saga involving her toddler, a tantrum, and a standoff with a judgmental shopper. Faced with the daunting task of waiting behind the very person she felt wronged by, Hyde seized the opportunity for sweet vengeance.

@thehydefive My husbands still like you didnt but im all for it 😂 she coulda let me go first and stop the whinging in her ear lol!! #shopping #lol #dailyvlog #dayinmylife #haha #karma ♬ original sound – Lani-thehydefive 🌴

Vengeance served

As the shopper piled up her $407 worth of groceries, Hyde decided to sweep the woman’s essential breakfast ingredients – eggs, bacon, and butter – from the conveyor belt. These were items Hyde actually wanted to purchase!

TikTok divided!

The TikTokers actions then sparked social media divide, with some labeling her “in the wrong” while others hailed her as the “petty” hero we didn’t know we needed. Comments ranged from defending the concept of queuing to applauding Hyde’s unconventional approach to “justice”, but Lana Hyde chose to serve revenge sunny-side-up.

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