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TikTok mom roasts Matt Rife in online feud 2023

Is Matt Rife picking on toddler’s now? TikTok mom comes in defense of her 6 year old

TikTok mom roasts Matt Rife in online feud 2023

TikTok drama alert!

In a bizarre online feud, TikTok sensation Bunny Hedaya took comedian Matt Rife to task after he engaged in a digital spat with her 6-year-old son, Aiden. The clash began when Rife left a comment on Aiden’s Instagram, claiming that Bunny funded his Christmas presents through her earnings through mature content platforms.

Hedaya, outraged by the comedian’s remarks, unleashed a lengthy TikTok rant. She criticized Matt Rife for turning a lighthearted video into a confrontation with a child and addressed the derogatory comments he made about her.

The genesis of it all

The initial dispute originated from a video in which Aiden humorously countered one of Rife’s stand-up jokes about women and astrology. Rife responded with comments on the child’s post, including discrediting Santa Claus and implying that Bunny earns money through mature content platforms.

In her TikTok response, Hedaya defended her independence, asserting that she never made a single dollar from a man and ridiculed Matt Rife for resorting to derogatory comments. She sarcastically advised him to stick to attracting male audiences through validation rather than trying to repel female viewers.

@bunnyhedaya Matt Rife started a fight with the wrong 6 year old. Buckle in. #bunny #bunnyhedaya #mommabear ♬ original sound – BUNNY 🐰

Hedaya clarified that the video was created in response to her fans tagging her in Rife’s stand-up video, given Aiden’s interest in space. She emphasized her usual focus on self-centric content but felt compelled to address Rife’s unwarranted comments.

Matt Rife dramas

Notably, this isn’t Rife’s first brush with controversy. Recently, he faced backlash for making light of domestic violence in his comedy special. In response, he issued a questionable “apology” on Instagram, which raised further eyebrows.

As the digital clash unfolds, Bunny Hedaya remains steadfast in defending her son and herself against what she perceives as unwarranted attacks, urging Rife to steer clear of her child’s name. The feud adds another layer to the evolving dynamics of online celebrity interactions.

TikTok mom roasts Matt Rife in online feud 2023

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