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TikTok mourns the loss of popular Chef Lynn Yamada Davis

The TikTok Food Community bids a bittersweet goodbye to their favorite chef Lynn Yamada Davis

TikTok mourns the loss of popular Chef Lynn Yamada Davis

Culinary journey

The TikTok food community is in mourning following the passing of beloved cooking creator Lynn Yamada Davis at the age of 67. Known as @cookingwithlynja on TikTok, Davis brought a fun and creative approach to everything from baking to barbecuing. One of her early viral hits in 2020 was a bacon, egg, and cheese tutorial that garnered 1.7 million views. Fast forward to 2023, and her chocolate-covered yogurt strawberry patties tutorial amassed a staggering 180 million viewers.

TikTok mourns the loss of popular Chef Lynn Yamada Davis

Engineer to TikTok chef

A retired engineer turned TikTok influencer, Davis, with the help of her videographer son, became a viral sensation on the platform. Originally asked to participate in a video project during the Covid-19 pandemic, Davis’s humorous cooking videos quickly gained traction. Her channels across social media, including YouTube and TikTok, have now accumulated over 31 million followers.

@cookingwithlynja @MaxwellHouse’s instant latte is delicious and saves time #MaxwellHousePartner ♬ original sound – Lynja

Fans pour love

TikTok mourns the loss of popular Chef Lynn Yamada Davis

Lynn Yamada Davis’s playful personality and decadent creations earned her accolades, including being named one of Forbes’ Top 50 over 50 Creators in 2022. Throughout her TikTok career, she received two Streamy Awards for “Best Food” and “Best Editing.” Since her passing, tributes from fans and fellow chefs, including Gordon Ramsay and Andrew Zimmern, have flooded social media. The culinary community, both online and off, is mourning the loss of a singular talent.

In a bittersweet turn, Davis’s son, Tim, has shared that he will be releasing the last videos recorded by his mother, allowing fans to savor the final moments of her culinary creativity on the @cookingwithlynja channel. Chef Lynn Yamada Davis leaves behind a legacy of joy, creativity, and delicious inspiration that will continue to resonate with food enthusiasts around the world.


You’re the best mom I could have ever asked for but an even better friend. I love you mom ❤️

♬ original sound – Lynja

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