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TikTok 2024 Releases Marketing Guide for Valentine’s Day?

TikTok shares insights into the popularity of the event in the app, highlighting the interest in Valentine’s Day among its users


TikTok x VDay

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, TikTok has released a new guide to assist marketers capitalize on the holiday and design more resonant campaigns in response to significant trends among TikTok users.

TikTok’s 9-page ‘Valentine’s Day For You’ guide is available for download here (with email sign-up), but we’ll go over some of the highlights in this post.

We all love her

First and foremost, the platform provides data into the event’s popularity within the app, showcasing users’ interest in Valentine’s Day.


That’s a lot of linked activity, and it makes sense for brands to leverage it wherever possible to maximize their marketing efforts. It also shares the top popular hashtags for the event:


In addition, an overview of the products that users are most interested in for Valentine’s Day celebrations:


There is also a list of relevant events and opportunities, which might be useful for brands.

Time to take those notes, creators

The guide’s final section discusses critical planning tips, such as the best ad types, vital angles for your campaigns, and important planning notes.

It’s a useful article with a variety of practical tips to help you improve your Valentine’s Day activations in the app.

If you’re planning a Valentine’s Day activity, you should download the whole guide and have a look.

Download TikTok’s ‘Valentine’s Day For You’ tutorial here.

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