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TikToker Mizzy banned for defying court order 2023

TikTok Influencer Mizzy comes face to face with the law after his recent illegal antics

TikToker Mizzy banned for defying court order 2023

TikTok star faces the law

TikTok sensation, Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, popularly known as Mizzy on TikTok, has been banned from social media platforms due to persistent breaches of a court order. The 19-year-old, notorious for his controversial videos, faced legal challenges stemming from his disregard for privacy and the distress caused by his actions.

Let’s journey back…

In May 2023, Mizzy was slapped with a criminal behavior order (CBO), prohibiting him from posting videos of people without their consent. This order was a response to incidents where he filmed unsuspecting individuals in public, sharing the footage online without approval.

TikToker Mizzy banned for defying court order 2023

Despite the CBO, Mizzy continued to defy the law, posting videos that directly violated the court’s mandate. Notably, he filmed people at Westfield shopping center in Stratford, East London, just hours after the CBO was issued. His actions were caught on camera and presented as evidence in court, resulting in his conviction for breaching the order.

Consequences of jail time

Judge Matthew Bone, overseeing Mizzy’s case, expressed strong disapproval of the TikTokers behavior, highlighting that he had “deliberately flouted” the court order and demonstrated a “lack of all credibility.” The judge sternly warned that Mizzy’s actions could lead to a custodial sentence if he persisted in disregarding the law.

@ondemandnews Controversial prankster #Mizzy has been arrested on suspicion of breaching a court order that he was issued only two days ago. #mizzyfam #london #uk #pranks #police #fyp #news ♬ original sound – ODN

Mizzy’s social media ban underscores the consequences of repeated disregard for privacy rights and the court’s authority. His actions caused distress to innocent individuals, raising concerns about the potential harm caused by pranksters blurring the lines between humor and harassment.

Mizzy’s case spotlights the importance of responsible social media usage and the potential repercussions for those who breach court orders, emphasizing the need for accountability in the digital age.

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