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How to add TikTok music to Spotify 2023

Discover how to add your favorite TikTok tunes to your music streaming services

How to add TikTok music to Spotify

Discovering tunes on TikTok just got better

TikTok just dropped a game-changer for music lovers – Add to Music App. Picture this: You’re scrolling through TikTok, find an epic song, and want to hear it on repeat. With TikTok’s latest feature, you can.

How to use the “Add to music app” feature

This cool new feature lets you save songs you discover to your go-to music streaming service such as Amazon Music, Apple or Spotify. It’s as simple as spotting the “Add Song” button next to track in the ‘For Your’ page.

Step 1: Spot the “Add to music app”

Step 2: Click on the “Add to music app” button

Step 3: Choose your preferred streaming app and voilà

The best part of this feature is that you can mix it up by adding the track to an existing playlist or creating brand-new ones that match your vibe.

How to add TikTok music to Spotify

What’s the big deal?

Well, according to the music guru, Ole Obermann, it’s all about making a direct link between discovering awesome tunes on TikTok and jamming out to them on your favorite streaming service. It’s like a musical shortcut that makes life easier for both music fans and the talented artists behind the beats.

And guess what? Add to Music App is making its debut with plans to spread the music love to many places. So, if you’re all about discovering fresh tracks and making your playlists, this new TikTok feature is about to be your jam. Get ready for a whole new level of music fun.

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