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Top 10 Arab kid influencers you should follow in 2022

These kid influencers are your one-stop destination for an overdose of cuteness!

Arab kid influencers

The internet is filled with content of all sorts. Whether it is car videos that get your heart racing or pictures of the Himalayan trails, entertainment is available in all genres possible. Arab kid influencers are possibly the most talented bunch of individuals out there with content that is fun, exciting and creative. After a long day of sending emails and commuting back and forth, watching a few videos of these young minds can be invigorating!

Here are the top 10 kid influencers you need to follow in 2022

We have compiled a list of talented kid influencers who are taking the Arab world by storm. All you have to do now is go click follow for the most adorable content.

Ayla Fahmi

Ayla Fahmi is the youngest of the Fahmi sisters. The young talent is a bubble of joy and nothing but fun to watch. Her Instagram is full of cute pictures and the perfect outfits for kids. Ayla also posts content with her sisters. She has over 672K followers on the gram and is growing alongside her talented and successful sisters.

Meera Stars

Based in Abu Dhabi, Meera is a kid influencer that has been creating content for a vast Middle Eastern audience. Her content is fun and exciting, with her dressing up and going on adventures. Meera has over 1 million followers on Instagram and more than 6 million subscribers on YouTube.


Shfa is a young influencer that gives her peers the opportunity to start conversations and interact with each other. Shfa, with over 35 million YouTube subscribers, is one of the most popular kid influencers in the Arab world. She is talented and fun, and shares her daily experiences with her followers ranging from content on girly outfits, pranks, and food!

Khalid Jarbou

Khalid Jarbou is the youngest member of The ASK Family. The family channel has over 1.79 million subscribers on YouTube, while Khalid has 105K on his personal channel. Khalid is the person to go to for your daily dose of cuteness.

Nour Giselle

Nour Giselle, also known as Nunu, is the daughter of the famous entrepreneur and makeup mogul Huda Kattan.The kid influencer has over 130K followers on Instagram, where she posts content about her life. She posts with her mother, doing glam or goofing around. Nour’s profile is the best place to find the perfect mother-daughter content. 

Yusuf Moshaya

The Moshaya family’s YouTube is one of Middle East’s most popular family content channels. Yusuf, a member of this beautiful family, is a kid influencer in his own right. With over 316K followers on his Instagram, this kid influencer is definitely a must-follow on the platform.

Jad Moshaya

The 3-year-old has amassed over 245K followers on Instagram and is the epitome of fun and games. Whether it is playing with toys or travelling around the world, the youngest member of the Moshaya family is the best person to follow for exciting content. 

Yousuf M Jarbou

Another cutie that will fill your feed with joy and glee, Yousuf Jarbou is a kid influencer with around 28.4K followers on his Instagram. His profile is managed by his parents, and they post only the most adorable pictures of their son. Don’t think twice. Go follow Yousuf for the cutest content.

Mira Mustafa

Mira Mustafa, born to influencer parents Siamand Mustafa and Shahad Hassan, has over 450K followers on her Instagram. The kid influencer has been introduced to the world of social media at a young age and is already ruling it!

Mila Marwah

The 3-year-old helps bring smiles to everyone’s faces, and you don’t want to miss out on her charismatic personality. Mila has 3.8 million followers on Instagram and is part of the Anasala Family on YouTube, a family channel with over 4.18 million followers. 

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