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Top 10 Festive DIY specialists on Instagram

A sprinkle of sparkle and customisation for the perfect Christmas – get your DIY tips right here to add a magical touch to your winter celebrations.

Christmas DIY tips and tricks

If you’re in full holiday festive mode and looking for some DIY activities to do at home with your family, then we have put together some influencers and content creators who are showing us just how to do it. No one can beat the Christmas holiday spirit so get up and get involved in the comfort of your own home.


Heather calls herself the homemaker and Christmas crafter so it was inevitable that she would be added to our DIY festive listing. Heather has some amazing DIY crafts on her Instagram page showing you how to create your own wreath, and artistic wrapping paper using a cutout sponge and paint, as well as glueing together you’re own tree basket!


If you’re into organic modern home decor then Jen’s nest is the perfect nest for you! Re-create your home into a winter wonderland as you see her easy DIY tips, saving you money yet making your home look whimsical this festive season. Add a personalised touch with gifts and make your living room look that little extra special with a few added touches. Jen, we love iit – add more!

Do you find that when you’re looking online for tree decorations or going into a store, you always find the same usual baubles? Why not create it yourself then? Jennifer gives everyone helpful design inspo in addition to DIY tips for creating your own tree ornaments. Unbreakable, resuable and fun to do, this is an activity you have to try!


Well, “according to Mandy” (see what I did there), transforming your home with some DIY tips is not as hard as it maybe as we scroll through her gram. Mandy also shows you how to make your own ornaments and shows us a unique way of gifting presents using… fabric! You may prefer opening presents rather than wrapping them up, however, gift wrapping is all part of your home design and decor! Watch how Mandy does her DIY wrapping and see how well it comes together when places under the tree.


Carly Chiasson’s Christmas table setting looks so good and is brilliant for everyone to try. Although it may look just like a towel that has been styled and knotted together, once opened, you will actually find a DIY Christmas cracker hidden inside. Not only are you getting some design inspiration for your table setting but getting a 2-in-1 “do it yourself” hack in this Reel too!


If you’re a perfectionist and love surprising people with your unique styling or out of the box ideas, then Erika has for the perfect DIY hack for you. We saw fabric gift wrapping, but now we have an extra personalised way of wrapping using paper, a ring, ribbon, paint and printing stamp! Yes, it sounds like a lot, but if you see the outcome, you’ll be quicky copying Erika.

Tip: If you don’t have a printing stamp for the name then you can use the paint (if you have a steady hand that is).


Erin is on Instagram for you to get your affordable home designs and DIY, so why not go and see what tips she has? Scroll through her page to see the beautiful hampers she made and re-create them as the perfect gift for your loved ones. It really is full of magic on Erin’s page, filled with festive joy.


We’ve heard of material girls, but now we have the material curls! Like they said on their IG bio, learn from our mistakes. Or at least laugh at them. These two gorgeous powerful women are DI-TRY home experts taking you through their home journey. If you love surprising people then you’ll love this Reel as the material curls surprise their friend with a festive-inspired front porch. See how it turns out and the reaction they get!


Lebanese influencer based in Dubai – Sandy, is a wife and mother who enjoys uploading daily home content and DIY inspiration. If you love cute little home bits that are fun, quirky, and different rather than simple and minimal, then Sandy has some tips and tricks up her sleeve. See how she re-creates an expensive decorative Christmas snowman that she saw online and makes her own using bowls, glitter, and glue!


Full-time Texas mother and social media home decorator Tahera, shows us home tips and DIY projects from the comfort of her own home. In this video, we see how she uses paper, ribbon, and dried flowers to wrap up gifts for the holiday season giving us that personalised touch we all love!

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