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Top 10 Nigerian comedians to follow in 2022

Having a long day? Here are 10 Nigerian comedians to lighten up your mood!

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Who doesn’t like a good joke? Comedy is the easiest pick after a stressful day. Whether it is funny clippings from your favourite movie or a stand-up comedy show on Netflix, a few good jokes are all you need to unwind after a never-ending day. Nigerian comedians have always attracted the attention of a global audience through social media platforms. Delivering a joke is one of the most challenging tasks there is, and these Nigerian comedians have mastered the art like no other.

If you are looking for good comedy content on the internet, check out these fantastic Nigerian comedians who will blow your mind. 

Richard Ayodeji Makun 

Also known as AY, Makun is a popular Nigerian comedian, actor, writer, promoter and businessman. He has over 12.5 million followers on Instagram and is one of the most exciting comedians in the country. AY is popular for his AY live show and his feature in many Nollywood movies. The talented comedian has made his name and is one of the most sought artists in Africa.


Another of the wealthiest Nigerian comedians, Apkororo, started his career with the National Comedy Challenge by Opa Williams. Today, he is one of the country’s best comedians and has also gained popularity outside the country. Apkororo has over 2.7 million followers and constantly updates his Instagram with content.

Broda Shaggi

Samuel A Perry, also known as Broda Shaggi, is a well-known comedian from Ogun State, Nigeria. With a following of 10.9 million, the mega influencer creates content for a large audience worldwide. Broda Shaggi is the recipient of The Future Awards Africa Nigeria Prize for Comedy and the City People Music Award for Comedy Act of the Year.

Basket Mouth

With a net worth of N2 billion, Basket Mouth is one of the richest Nigerian comedians. He made his fortune being part of the comedy industry in the country and has made his mark through his work. Basket Mouth has 2.8 million followers on Instagram and 222K subscribers on YouTube. Want to watch something funny? Head out to Basket Mouth’s profile right now.

Greene Maryam 

Greene Maryam, professionally known as Taaooma, is a Nigerian comedian and entrepreneur well-renowned in the industry for her work. The talented creator is also a famous social media influencer with over 4.1 million followers on Instagram. Comedians with fun personalities are always fun to follow, and Greene Maryam is the perfect fit!

Bovi Ugboma

Starting his career as an actor, Bovi Ugboma was part of the Nigerian Sitcom Extended Family. While he was successful as an actor, Bovi ventured into the field of comedy soon after. He has been part of multiple stand-up comedy shows and has made his name as a talented comedian in the country. He is also one of the richest comedians in Nigeria in 2022.


As his Instagram bio makes clear, Seyilaw is a comedian, actor, presenter, motivational speaker, teacher, father and husband. He is famous for his comedy and also for his features in movies like Kpali. Seyilaw has over 910K followers on Instagram and is worth every follow. 

Gloria Oluranto

Another extremely talented comedian from Nigeria, Gloria Oluranto, is an influencer who creates fun content for her followers. She has 1.3 million followers on Instagram and consistently posts exciting content. Looking for a quick laugh? Gloria is the person to go to.

Julius Agwu

Popularly known as Julius D’Genius Agwu, Julius is one of the best Nigerian comedians in the industry right now. He is also an actor, producer, author and MC. This man has many talents and is worth all the support he has been getting. You can find some of his best content on YouTube. Agwu has won many awards for his performance and is highly admired by his contemporaries.

I Go Dye

Francis Agoda, famously referred to as I Go Dye, is a Nigerian comedian who has taken over the hearts of comedy lovers across the globe. He is extremely creative and works to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Agoda is also a motivational speaker and writer. The comedian has over 447K followers on Instagram and is an influencer in his own right.

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