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Top 5 TikTok trends that dominated 2023

A year of TikTok trends; discover the top 5 trends that made waves in 2023

Top 5 TikTok trends that dominated 2023

TikTok recap

As 2023 draws to a close, let’s take a peek at the TikTok trends that kept us entertained and scratching our heads. In the blink-and-you-miss-it world of social media, these moments stood out, making us laugh, think, and maybe even crave a quirky snack.

#1 Girl Dinner

#GirlDinner became a surprise hit, thanks to Hannah Rose’s catchy tribute to her love for cheese and bread. What started as a simple food celebration turned into a cultural catchphrase, with almost 3 billion views. Now it’s not just a TikTok thing – you might spot it on the Popeyes menu.

@liviemaher #girldinner #medievaltiktok ♬ original sound – Olivia Maher

#2 Roman Empire

The Roman Empire made a comeback, not in history books, but on TikTok. A trend humorously suggested that guys think about it more than gals do. The result? #RomanEmpire trended with 3 billion views, leaving us all chuckling about ancient history in a modern way.


what's he thinking about 🤔

♬ original sound – Saturday Night Live – SNL

#3 McDonalds Grimace Shake

McDonald’s Grimace Shake got a spooky twist. What began as a birthday celebration for Grimace turned into a TikTok horror film genre. Creators sipped the purple shake, and things got eerie. It’s McDonald’s like you’ve never seen before, turning fast food into fast frights.

@haleyybaylee Idk why you wanted me to try this… but here we go. Trying the Grimace Shake from McDonalds… HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRIMACE 💕🫶🏻🎈🎂 @Max Goodrich #grimaceshake #happybirthdaygrimace #grimace ♬ original sound – haleyybaylee

#4 Wes Anderson Trend

Film lovers found joy in Wes Anderson vibes. Using the song “Obituary” from “The French Dispatch,” TikTok became a canvas for over 2.2 billion views of #WesAnderson. Users transported us to the whimsical world of Anderson’s films, proving you don’t need a Hollywood budget to make movie magic.

@daveahdoot Nailed the Wes Anderson Trend. #wesanderson #wesandersonfilm #wesandersonfail ♬ original sound – Dave Ahdoot

#5 Red, green and beige flags

Relationship dynamics got a playful twist with “beige flags.” Forget red and green – beige flags are the quirks that are neither here nor there. Creators showcased their ‘meh’ moments in 25 billion videos, reminding us that not every relationship sign is black and white.


He bought them for $7 in 2008.

♬ Make Your Own Kind Of Music – Mama Cass

These TikTok trends remind us that even in the fast-scrolling world of social media, simple, unexpected, and downright quirky moments can leave a lasting impression. Cheers to the trends that made us smile in 2023!

Top 5 TikTok trends that dominated 2023

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