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Top 5 YouTubers in the UAE

A list of the UAE’s well-known content creators on YouTube that you should definitely know & subscribe to.

If you’re starting out on YouTube then you must know who the top 5 YouTubers in UAE are. Dubai is known to be home to all things extravagant, and a never-ending metropolis of fun and creativity. The YouTube scene is no short of such things either.

YouTube is filled with over 38 million active channels, covering a wide range of topics to keep viewers entertained and informed.

However, it’s the YouTubers in the UAE that have a way of really taking things to the next level with the type of content they share, and we’ve compiled a list (in no particular order) of some of the top creators in the industry.

#1: Joe Hattab  

With a staggering 10.1M subscribers on YouTube, Joe Hattab, is known for his storytelling videos on the platform.

He is a travel vlogger, who likes to share content with his viewers about major events that have happened and discovering hidden places in the world.

Having joined the social media channel YouTube, on the 20th of September 2012, and started to post in 2016, he already has earned over 1 billion views in total. It took Joe five dedicated years of commitment to build his channel and work his way up, inspired by his passion and enthusiasm for traveling.

#2: Huda Beauty

Owned by the Founder of globally acclaimed makeup & skincare brand Huda Beauty, Huda Kattan is also a well-known online creator with over 4.1M subscribers on her channel.

From trying out the craziest makeup trends you can imagine, to sharing her exclusive tips on skincare, beauty-guru Huda’s videos have taken the beauty industry by storm and has led her to become one of the most influential women in the Middle East.

Initially, she began as a blogger in 2013 after launching her Cosmetic line, mainly focusing on eyelashes. Today, she has various product lines and has won multiple awards, and was even listed as one of The Richest Self-Made Women by Forbes.

#3: Money Kicks

At just 20 years old, Rashed Belhasa is one of the richest people in Dubai.

From living in a lavish mansion with its very own zoo to driving some of the most expensive supercars in the world, and owning an extensive collection of trainers worth millions, Money Kicks has got over 3.5M subscribers on YouTube.

His videos include sharing with viewers his multi-million collection of cars, watches, pets, shoes, and A-list celebrity friends. DJ Khaled, Tyga, Da Baby, Floyd Mayweather (the list continues)…You name it, and they’ve been on Money Kick’s channel at some point or another!

#4: Mazaj

Mazaj is a YouTube channel that has a mix of everything. On the channel, you will find a mix of top YouTubers in the region who will cater to everything and anything you are looking to watch.

From challenges, experiences, tip and tricks, beauty hacks to comedy, drama and more! With a group of young Arab youth’s and a variety of shows such as ‘Ma Yeghla Alaik,’ ‘Hawas Elja,’ ‘Perfection 101,’ and ‘Cooking Tales,there is always something to watch so if you enjoy watching Arabic YouTube shows, then this is the one for you!

#5: Emkwan Reviews

Emkwan is a YouTube personality based in Abu Dhabi.

Launching his channel in 2012, Emkwan posts videos on the latest technology and launches with brands such as Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung – you name it, he has done it. Now, Emkwan enjoys venturing more into ‘lifestyle’ and has taken an interest in luxury watches.

With over 145 thousand subscribers on his tech channel, Emkwan has won an Influencer Award with Esquire Magazine and AHLAN Magazine’s Hot 100. Gulf News also said he is ‘One of Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Leading Video Bloggers.’ 🥇 On this channel he offers his fan base the latest information, trends, and advice related to the field of tech.

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