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Top 7 Barbie girls on Instagram who are painting their ‘gram pink

Have you ever seen a real-life Barbie Doll? We found a few on Instagram!

Barbie Girls on Instagram

We’ve all heard the song (or sang) “I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world,” but some girls take that word quite literally.

This year has been the year that Barbie has returned in full swing. Valentino “pinked out” their A/W collection and even the Harpers Bazaar Arabia World of Fashion 2022 painted their pop-up walls pink with Paris Hilton in attendance.

It’s safe to say Barbie is definitely an icon and diversifying the world of children’s toys as the world changes in a positive way. We have put together a list of 7 influencers on Instagram who show us their Barbie world – take a look below!

Barbie Ferreira

Brazilian-American model Barbie Ferreira is best known for her as Kat Hernandez in the show Euphoria. With 5.9M followers, Barbie shows off her confidence in each post whether it be at home in a t-shirt, or on a glamourous set shooting for her next campaign!

Joelle Chamas

As a finalist in Miss Influencer 2023, “Crypto Barbie” as she calls herself in her Instagram bio, is based in Dubai, Byblos, and San Diego. Joelle has made appearances at Cosmopolitan Middle East events and dresses in her favourite colour pink, compilmenting her strawberry blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

Kamila Kostka

Dubai Barbie Doll Kamila Kostka is a wild cat who is busy hunting her next prey (in business). On Kamila’s Instagram profile, we see a lot of posts of her out and about and always dressed up in different outfits for whatever the occasion. If you’re trying to find that wild Barbie inside of you, give Kamila a call!

Barbie Official

This beautiful Barbie doll who resides in Dubai is picture perfect. Majority of her posts are closeup showing her beauty and diverse looks. If you need some makeup look inspiration, then Barbie Official is yo gal.


Gorgeous Tami girl is a little bit of a Mona Kattan look-a-like! Whether it’s a glossy red lip or nudey pink, Tami serves us matte looks with every outing – and she is out and about a lot! This Barbie gives her followers lifestyle posts, fashion posts as well as beauty posts so we get a whole lot of inspiration here on her profile!

Emirati-Ukrainian Barbie

Hvae you ever seen an Emirati-Ukrainian Barbie? Neither have we until now! Although Baribe can be any colour, shape or form, this Barbie replicates the original with her long, sleek blonde hair, and blue eyes. Oh, and we can’t forget that smile!

Jasmine Sanders

Golden Barbie Jasmine Sanders has 5.7 million followers on her Instagram showing us her life in picture posts and Reels. Not only does Jasmine upload her funky, bold fashion sense, we also get to see her skincare regime, flawless makeup routine and family. If you want a little bit of everything and authentic content, Golden Barbie AKA Jasmine Sanders is the profile you should be visiting today…

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