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If walls could talk they’d advise you to follow these top 7 Interior Design influencers

It’s time to up your mirror selfie game at home and we have just the fix! We have gathered the world’s top 7 interior design influencers to steal amazing ideas for your next snap at home.

Interior Design

Spending more time at home has become a necessity since lockdown. Remote working possibilities and flexible hours have blurred the boundaries of what a home should be. A home should be versatile, a space to work and an environment to relax, but most importantly a home should be stylish! Whether you are on a budget, without creative ideas or just gathering inspiration for your dream home, we have found the 7 best Instagram pages to follow for interior design. 

If walls could talk, they would brag about how unique they are to all the other walls in town and these 7 interior designers will show you how

Kelly Wearstler

Interior designer Kelly Wearstler is the poster girl for a sophisticated style that pushes the boundaries of contemporary American design.  Her signature sumptuous and vibrant interiors can be seen on her beautifully crafted Instagram page. A definite must-follow for those needing inspiration on how to take the coolest pics at home! Kelly’s designs contrast raw with refined by blending color, sophistication, spontaneity, and incorporating diverse periods of furniture.

A creator of experiences and using design as storytelling, she always aims to tell evocative stories, adventurous and full of soul by incorporating a mix of materials and influences. One takeaway from this stylish influencer for your next passion project is to utilize different materiality, play with juxtapose styles from different eras and stick to her philosophy of “loving color, taking risks, and staying curious”. 

Matthew Williamson 

Wallpaper, wallpaper, and more wallpaper! If you need advice on how to spice up a room to evoke a smile or pull off risk-taking colors then interior influencer Matthew Williamson is your person. Interior decorator, product designer, and former fashion designer, Williamson encourages living life in tailored technicolor. Known for his use of bold, colorful, and carefully constructed designs, his Instagram aesthetic reflects his ‘Rustic Decadence’ style to perfection.

At first, this might sound like a contradiction in terms, yet it is the perfect phrase to encapsulate his love of mixing jewel colors, contrasting textures, patinated surface finishes, and antique pieces to enliven interiors with an unexpected mix. His page encourages self-expression and embraces the joy of living life with patterns and in full color. 

Studio McGee

We are pretty sure even if you don’t like interior design you have seen one of Studio McGee’s top Netflix shows “Dream Home Makeover”. Yes, that’s right, power couple Syd and Shea McGee have garnered a large social media following and attention in the design world for their signature style of mixing classic, modern pieces with traditional or vintage elements to add character, personality, and warmth to the spaces they create. No matter the room, the color palette is always neutral with lots of whites, off-whites, and muted colors, layered with warm light and medium wood tones. 

Amber Lewis 

If you are on the hunt to see a space pull off “laid-back California style” then interior designer Amber Lewis is your go-to girl! Best known for her distinct style that is always timeless, layered, and lived in, the environments Lewis typically designs reflect a signature West Coast aesthetic she describes as “laid back” and “understated cool.” That often translates on her Instagram page to vintage elements, layered textiles, and nature-inspired hues, all of which age well and are made for everyday living.

Becki Owens

If your ideal style is “California at the beach” then it’s named after Becki Owens. Interior designer and lifestyle influencer, she is renowned for her modern and inviting designs that are rooted in a clean and coastal California aesthetic. Modern and life-filled, Becki aims to create spaces that leave a warm, lasting impression.

Beachy vibes with a modern twist, he designs ooze warmth and depth with whites and various wood materials that play with textures and shade variations to imitate the beach and its calm surroundings in each home she designs. 

Abigail Ahern

Leave it to the professional to put dark to the test but not make you feel sorrowful. Abigail Ahern is one of Britain’s most eclectic interior designers. It’s definitely hard to classify a designer so artistic but maybe she’s not meant to be classified as her talents scream maximalism, bohemia, and warmth throughout her work.

Ahern is adept at creating atmospheric nooks out of nowhere, personality where it was once stark, and magic where space may have felt bare. Her Instagram is a tutorial even for those who want to inject their living space with rich color and texture, and her daily work, inspirations, and design life are pored for all her viewers to see!

Athena Calderone

You’ve probably seen Athena Calderone‘s kitchen somewhere on your Instagram feed as it has been dubbed New York’s most beautiful kitchen. Having hands down one of the most stylish houses in Brooklyn, Athena’s creativity stretches far wider than just a distinguished interior design style. She’s a celebrated author, culinary and visual storyteller, and creative director.

She literally does it all and she takes her thousands of followers with her when she embarks on a new journey on her Eyeswoon account. Whether styling a composition, layering flavourful dishes, setting a beautiful scape, or designing a space, Athena is renowned for her graceful yet juxtaposed pairings. Layered textures and patterns, collected vintage pieces, and highly contrasting elements are all hallmarks of Athena’s aesthetic.

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