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Top 7 trendy Omani fashion Influencers to follow

Follow these Omani Fashion Influencers to stay trendy

fashion influencer

Fashion Influencers

It can be hard to keep up with the fast-paced world of fashion. There are always new trends, new designers, and new fashionistas to follow. And the women from Oman definitely know how to catch up. Here are the top 7 Omani Fashion Influencers to follow to help you stay in touch with the realm of fashion.

Amal Almaqbali (@amal.almaqbali)

This fashion Influencer knows exactly how to balance trendy with modesty, and we’re in love with it! Follow Amal so as not to miss out on any new trends.

Mamacita (@mamacitaoficial)

Mamacita knows exactly how to show off a professional yet trendy look, which is why she’s perfect for this list. She even loves to share lifestyle content, such as her passion for cars.

Jeehan Al Balushi (@jeehan.moh1)

Jeehan loves to travel, and she loves fashion. Her style remains modest but always on top of trends, which is perfect for anyone who wants modest fashion inspiration.

Basma Al Issa (@basmahalissa)

Basma is a fashion Influencer first but she loves to post about beauty, lifestyle, and travel. Her 740 thousand followers love her content and so do we, so make sure not to miss out on any more posts by Basma.

Fadwa Al Busaidi (@fadwasalam)

Fadwa is a lifestyle Influencer who loves to share with her 450 thousand followers what she’s wearing.

Asara Allawati (@asarachic)

Asara is chic, and always up on trends. She even posts secrets on how to get her luscious hair. She’s the perfect follow for anyone who is interested in fashion and skin and hair care.

Zulfa Alf Arsi (@__zulfa)

Zulfa always stuns in a style that is both trendy and modest. She’s a great follow for anybody who is looking for that in the most current fashion.

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