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Trending on TikTok: The David Beckham test

Have you put your partner to the Beckham test on TikTok?

the david beckham test on tiktok

After the release of BECKHAM on Netflix, a new couples test inspired by Victoria and David Beckham, is taking TikTok by storm.

Dance with the Beckhams on TikTok

It’s long been known that Victoria and David Beckham are a couple for the ages. It’s not because he’s bought her 15 engagement rings over the course of their 26-year relationship, or even because they playfully banter with each other, but instead because they know how to be romantically spontaneous.

At the end of Beckham, the couple, who tied the knot in 1999, dance in the kitchen of their $14.5 million countryside home in England to “Islands in the Stream” by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. Without using words, Victoria invites her husband to dance with her, which he does without hesitation.

And TikTok is raving about this scene. Fans circulated the clip of the pair on TikTok with captions like “The Real Power Couple” and “This is my Roman Empire.” Another user stated it has become their “major life goal” to dance with their partner to this song.

Others are putting their partners to the test and seeing if they measure up to David Beckham’s skills. The challenge, aptly called “The Beckham Test,” has TikTokkers dance to the song and quietly record their partner’s reaction. To pass the test, the partner must join in on the dancing.

Influencer Rebecca Somerville, who has 356 thousand followers, put her husband to the Beckham test 3 days ago, which he successfully passed. Her TikTok has since garnered 9 million views.

@rebeccavieirax David Beckham test on my husband 🤣🤝🏽 little munch joined in 🫶🏽 #davidbeckham #beckham #marriage ♬ sonido original – Netflix España

In another video by TikToker Tess Shanahan, which has over 4 million views, she dances in the frame to the audio, waiting to see if her partner joins (spoiler alert: he does!). David Beckham has also commented on a few TikToks himself. In one posted by Nicole Douglas, in which she puts her partner to the test, Beckham commented, “Pass ✅🤣”.

@nicoledouglas Do we pass him? 👀💘 #beckhams #netflix #beckhamdance #bftest #beckham #beckhamdocumentary ♬ sonido original – Netflix España

Even single people are having their fun with the test. They’re doing it with their best friends, In one video captioned “seeing if my bf will do the Beckham dance with me”, the user dances alone, while giggling to someone off camera. However, it pans to show that there is no one there.


he was too shy

♬ sonido original – Netflix España

If you want a sign to do this trend, this is it. Would you be willing to put your partner to this vibe test?

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