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Twitch is rolling out a new TikTok-style ‘discovery feed’

Twitch announces latest update – and it looks just like TikTok!


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Twitch’s latest update

Twitch has become the latest social media platform to be inspired by TikTok and its continuous video feed. The application announced on X, previously Twitter, that they will be experimenting with a feature that showcases clips in a new vertically-scrolling feed called the “discovery feed” which has already started to roll out to “select users”.

The feed is designed to show users “featured clips” from creators, as well as popular videos. Creators can mark which of their clips they want to be added to the “featured” pool which others can then watch on the feed from the mobile application and the desktop application.

Since streams are always in a horizontal format, the streaming platform stated on X that the feed will show horizontal clips at the beginning, but users will see “more vertical clips as the feed evolves”. The platform also announced in July at #TwitchConParis that it is planning to bring a stories feature to the application.

Other social media platforms such as Spotify, Amazon, and Reddit, have all announced updates that feature a TikTok-style feed. Twitch is just one of the latest platforms to be inspired by the video-sharing application to help boost user engagement.

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