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Twitter brings back headlines to URL cards 2024

X (formerly Twitter) takes a U-turn, bringing back headlines to URL cards, promising users a more informative and user-friendly browsing experience

Twitter brings back headlines to URL cards 2024

URL cards on Twitter

In a surprising move, X (previously known as Twitter) has reintroduced headlines to URL cards, departing from its earlier decision to remove them. The shift is aimed at improving user experience, making it easier for individuals to identify the content of linked pages. This alteration comes after Elon Musk, the owner of X, decided to reinstate headlines for a more informative browsing experience.

Enhanced clarity (with quirks)

Upon revisiting the inclusion of headlines, X has made significant improvements to the display of URL cards. Headlines and website titles are now visible over the images, providing users with a quick glimpse of the content they are about to navigate. However, some quirks persist, such as the truncation of lengthy headlines and relatively small text size. Nevertheless, this change represents a step forward from the previous approach, where images merely displayed the domain of the linked website.

X takes up space on headlines

The removal of headlines from URL cards on X (Twitter) last year was initiated by Elon Musk, who believed it would enhance the aesthetic appeal of posts. While this adjustment did reduce the size of posts, it posed challenges for users in determining the destination of linked images. This led to the adoption of workarounds, such as adding headlines directly to images or incorporating them into the post’s text.

Elon Musk fulfills promise

In November, Musk assured users that headlines would eventually return over URL cards, and it appears that the promise is now being fulfilled with the recent rollout of this update. Although not universally available across all platforms yet, the reintroduction of headlines is visible on the web version, offering an optimistic outlook for a more consistent user experience across devices.

As X continues to refine its features and address user feedback, the reintroduction of headlines over URL cards marks a positive step towards improving the accessibility and clarity of content shared on the platform. Users can anticipate a more informative and engaging browsing experience as X navigates these updates in the coming releases.

Twitter brings back headlines to URL cards 2024

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