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Twitter (X) Going Crazy with Reneé Rap SNL Announcement 2024

Renee Rap and Jacob Elordi might or might not (might) be seen in next years SNL

renee rapp

Renee Rapp x Jacob Elordi

Don’t you simply adore it when your favorite characters make things happen? Saturday Night Live confirmed Jacob Elordi as the host and Reneé Rapp as the musical guest for the first episode of 2024, which will air on January 20.

The announcement comes at the close of Rapp’s breakout year. Rapp’s prominence as a key pop girl has reinforced her status as more than simply a musical theater star with the debut of Snow Angel. In addition to her best-selling debut album and sold-out Snow Hard Feelings tour, the singer has increased her fan base and established herself as a star. Of course, when fans learned that Rapp would be appearing on SNL alongside Elordi in 2024, they freaked out.

renee rapp

A dream come true

Fans of OG Rapp know that appearing on SNL has long been a desire of hers, with the singer promising to “shake her, whatever it takes” to obtain the opportunity. Maybe it was her Snow Hard Feelings tour’s nightly “Willow” dance breaks, or the sheer power of manifestation – Rapp is living proof that any dream can be whispered into life.

renee rapp

Fans response

Users flocked to X (previously known as Twitter) to express their endearing comments.

Following her appearance on Saturday Night Live, Rapp will go on the European part of her Snow Hard Feelings tour, which will include stops at indie record stores. In addition, she will reprise her role as Regina George in the Mean Girls musical version, which will be released in theaters on January 12.

One of Rapp’s Mean Girls songs, “Not My Fault,” a duet with Megan Thee Stallion, was released on December 15 as the first single from the film’s soundtrack.

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