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Twitter Create: Unparalleled opportunities for creators to monetize in 2022

Twitter Media becomes Twitter Create! A centralized hub for creators.


Earlier this week, the social media platform announced the rebranding of its Twitter Media website to “Twitter Create.”

The firm claims that through this new rebrand, it hopes to make things easier for creators to fully comprehend on how to use Twitter’s creator products, whilst being able to seamlessly connect with other industry creators on the platform.

Additionally, the @TwitterMedia handle has been renamed to @TwitterCreate as part of the new change.

What exactly is Twitter Create?

Previously known as Twitter Media, the hub was in place as it offered product guidance, various case studies and interviews with experts in the field of social media.

The site helps by organizing content according to objectives including engagement, monetization and most importantly helping users amplify their voice across the platform.

The transition appears to come, as the site begins to seek introducing innovative methods for creators to end up making the most of the social media platform.

According to Hootsuite:

“Twitter Create also has expanded the industries it appeals to, and now has tailored information content beyond just for digital creators. Content now will also be speaking to podcasters and writers, and those working in the news, sports, gaming, film and tv, music and non-profit industries”.

The platform also devises resources into categories, organized by industry – such as gaming, writers, podcasters.

Credit: Twitter

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