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Twitter is launching useful ‘Pin a Reply’ feature

Here’s everything you need to know about pinning replies on Twitter!

Ever wanted people to see a specific thread on your tweets? Or had a funny reply?

Twitter is working on a new feature where users will be able to pin a reply to their tweet so it becomes the first reply users can see.

twitter pin a reply

This feature could be good for highlighting celebrity replies, or to help highlight the best responses to your tweets.

It can encourage users to reply to tweets creatively in order to get pinned, enhancing community engagement for brands. A great idea for utilizing this is inviting the most creative replies, then pinning the best response.

Twitter Updates

Twitter has been evidently looking for ways to enhance the user experience by adding control element to the app.

Similarly to removing yourself from a tweet, Twitter is working to give users even more capacity to manage exactly how they engage and interact within the app, with pinned replies adding another small enhancement.

And it looks like it’s coming soon…

pin a reply on twitter

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