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Top 8 yoga accounts for the best free-flow inspiration

In need of some aesthetic inspiration for your next yoga pose? Or what about a challenge to push your flexibility even further? We have gathered all the best local and global yoga accounts to follow.


Yoga is much more than a sport that increases the body’s muscle flexibility. It’s a sport that nowadays has become intertwined with mental benefits, mindfulness, body awareness, and tranquility. As gracious as the sport may look, it’s often underestimated for its strenuous requirement of balance, strength, and concentration. And we have gathered some of the best yoga accounts to follow to show you how it’s done! From local trainers to aesthetic dancers and mindful lifestyles we have it all!

Top 8 yoga accounts to follow

Adriene Mishler

If you are looking for a yoga account that depicts a 360-degree yogi lifestyle then Adriene Mishler is the yoga influencer for you. Adriene Mishler is an American yoga instructor, actress, and entrepreneur. With over 11.2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, Yoga With Adriene, and her yoga video subscription service Find What Feels Good, shows off her incredible moves and home-friendly workouts for everyone to enjoy.  Her yoga influence has stretched far beyond the world of wellness sports as she has been featured in lifestyle magazines such as the likes of Kinfolk as well as worked in collaboration with Adidas to branch out their yoga.

Dylan Werner Yoga

Whoever said men aren’t flexible will surely be proven wrong by world-renowned yoga instructor Dylan Werner. Dylan Werner is on the rise by becoming one of the world’s most-followed fitness influencers for men. His page is a breath of fresh air that elevates yoga poses in scenic locations of his traveling journeys to the next level. He truly does make us wonder how the body can move so eloquently while pushing it to its utmost limits.

Jessica Olie

We’ve talked about Jessica Olie multiple times before, but we cannot seem to get enough if this yogi’s page. Her Instagram account embodies the grace of yoga, the strength of weight training, and the beauty of fitness seamlessly. She is renowned worldwide for being the author of the e-book, #LETSSTARTYOGA. Jessica Olie has made yoga accessible to all and taught aspiring yogis everywhere how to backbend and accomplish some of the hardest obstacles like the splits. A Gym Shark athlete, Jessica has graced numerous health and fitness covers in the Middle East by establishing herself as a yoga household name in Dubai. Instagram users can watch Jessica flow and share her personal life with her followers via her account.

Cat Meffan

Lighthearted, fun, and free-spirited are the perfect 3 words to describe wellness instructor and all-around lifestyle influencer Cat Meffan. Her Instagram page is an ongoing continuation of her personality that is displayed through bright and light-atmosphere posts. Meffan is a former athlete and dancer that educates her followers with open conversations about veganism and balancing healthy eating habits. Her profile is a true inspiration of positively influencing and how mental wellness comes above all else, which is why you would never catch the influencer not smiling, even when she is having serious and candid conversations on her platform.

Anastasiya Melnychenko

Picture acrobatics on steroids, but done in such chick style and so glamorous that it looks like an orchestrated editorial shoot right out of the pages of Harper’s Bazaar. Anastasiya is an artist, and a pioneer in aesthetic dancing, in fact from 2013-2020 she was part of Cirque du Soleil and currently is part of Absinthe Vegas. Her posts will make you question if gravity exists as she pulls off some of the most insane acrobatic moves with her dancing partner. A definite must-follow for yoga inspiration combined with the world of dancing.

Medina Maste

Medina Maste is a Dubai-based yoga teacher and wellness influencer. Viewing her account for the first time will definitely spark the urge to grab your yoga mat and practice meditation as her curated page carefully crafts a desire to connect the mind and body. Her incredible physique, scenic workout backdrops, and not even to mention matching workout outfits are a true inspiration to all yogis.

Tania Romanenia

Yoga teacher, award-winning blogger, and wellness influencer, Tania Romanenia, is one of Dubai’s most loved yogis. Her Instagram account is a compilation of how-to reels that takes you on a journey of different yoga moves, strength exercises, and flexibility training. Tania often shows off her life as the fun mom and how to balance making time in her busy schedule for personal health and wellness.  

Odette Campbell

If we would have to describe Odette Cambell’s Instagram page, words won’t even come close as all we can say is, “gasppppp!” The Dubai-based yoga influencer carefully takes her followers on a curated journey as she seamlessly blends the world of minimalism, clean-cut aesthetics, and beauty to reflect a lifestyle that’s formed on the values of yoga. Her graceful beauty and elegance spark inspiration in everyone who lands on her page.

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