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YouTube announces new channel profile update 2023

YouTube updates to include up to 14 links on channel profile


YouTube Liaison, Rene Ritchie, announced on Twitter that the social media platform will be expanding its existing link listing display for channels, available for creators now.

Creators and users can now add up to 14 links to their channel profiles, which will help to drive traffic to their websites, other social media profiles, product pages, and more.

As a channel owner, you have the ability to personalize the titles of your links. Additionally, the corresponding platform icon will be displayed in the pop-up window for each link. This feature allows users to strengthen their web presence directly from their channel and expand their connections beyond the platform. It could be a valuable option for users to explore.

YouTube first previewed the update back in May, as part of a broader refresh of some key channel elements.

While the update is now available to all creators, it will be extended to all users by August 23rd.

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