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YouTube announces latest ad controls for creators

YouTube is dropping individual ad controls for new videos


YouTube makes changes to ad controls

YouTube is making some notable changes to the ad controls available to creators.

Introducing the new updates in November, YouTube will be dropping individual ad controls in YouTube Studio for pre-roll, post-roll, skippable, and non-skippable ads on new videos. According to a support document, this means that creators will only be able to choose between having ads before or after a video on or off.

If they choose to have those ads on, YouTube will choose whether to show pre-roll, post-roll, skippable, or non-skippable ads “when appropriate.” Additionally, all previously uploaded videos will retain their existing ad format selections.

Choices for mid-roll ads are not changing. However, new features have been added. For instance, during live streams, creators will be able to see a 60-second countdown before an ad appears, with an option to skip that ad if they don’t want to interrupt the stream. The new delay ads button allows creators the option to prevent mid-rolls and live display ads from appearing for 10 minutes during live streams. 

These changes come alongside YouTube’s plans to experiment with longer but fewer ad breaks on connected TVs. The company has also announced the introduction of 30-second ads that cannot be skipped while watching videos on connected TVs. Additionally, it is conducting experiments to disable videos for people who use ad-blockers.

YouTube Liaison also took to social media platform X, previously Twitter, to update users on the new ad controls:

This change is being made in order to simplify the ad experience for creators and viewers. The social media platform says that it believes that this will make it easier for creators to focus on creating great content, and for viewers to find the content they want to watch.

According to the team, “Most creators shouldn’t notice a change as they already have many of these ad formats turned on by default.” However, creators who want more control over ad types might be disappointed.

YouTube has said that it will continue to listen to feedback from creators and viewers about this change. It is possible that the company may make adjustments to the ad controls in the future.

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