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The 2022 Instagram Glossary Guidebook

Familiarize yourself on Instagram lingo.


Whether you’re a new user to Instagram or you’re looking to brushen up on your overall IG game, there is no better way, than to familiarize yourself with the lingo.

If you’re looking to thrive as an influencer on the platform, you need to know what you’re talking about.

Behold…the ultimate Instagram Glossary Guidebook for 2022 below.

Instagram Glossary

Instagram Handle

The Instagram handle is typically found at the top of a profile. It is in other words the ‘username’ used for an account and is what people type in the search bar to discover someone’s IG profile.


An Instagram bio is a segment of text that appears beneath a username/handle and contains information about who you are or your brand if you have a business account.


Captions are written before you share a post. They are extremely important when sharing information regarding something you will be publishing to your feed and should include relevant hashtags to boost discoverability.


Stories are either content in the form of pictures or videos; that show at the top of the Instagram newsfeed. Stories will only be available for 24 hours, unless you save them as highlights. Instagram Stories are a wonferful feature that include various interactive elements to boost engagement, like reactions, Q&A’s, polls and more.


Between your feed and the ‘Follow’ button on your Instagram profile, there is a component for highlights. Here, you can personalize your feed for audiences to get to know you better and can save photos and videos from your Stories.

IG Live

You can livestream a video on Instagram Live and then download and save it for later to post onto your feed. Live videos are an excellent way to connect with the audience and offer interactive conversations where they can type in the comments.


People interacting with one another on social media is referred to as engagement.

It is a top metric when evaluating the success of an influencer and is measured by the number of likes, comments and shares generated per post.


Insights allow you to evaluate how well your social media strategy is working on the platform. It encompasses looking at how people are finding your page or posts, and small details like where your audience is geographically located, what time is optimal time for engagement with your posts and the gender percentage of female to male users.


The number of impressions represents the total number of times the post has been viewed. These include stories & feed posts/Reels.

This only tracks viewers, not unique viewers. If the same person scrolls past your post a few times, although it’s multiple ‘impressions’ it still counts as one ‘reach’ which measures unique views.


When a user geotags a post, they will choose a location, which appears just beneath your account name. Geotagging is an effective way to increase their visibility.


A hashtag is created when you write the pound symbol # followed by a word or relevant phrase. Hashtags are essential to boost your discoverability on the platform and searchable tags are a great method to categorize posts.


Instagram influencers are popular Instagram users who have a distinct ability to impact others and persuade their audience. They can have large followings or smaller (known as micro influencers) and brands typically collaborate with influencers in order to reach prospective buyers to convert promoted products into sales.

Sponsored Ads

Sponsored ads appear in viewers’ news feeds as would any other post, except these posts are a paid advertisement rather than an organic post.

There are many guidelines on the platform that make it compulsory to make it clear when a post is an ‘ad’.

Follower growth rate

Social Status data indicates that the average Instagram growth rate in January 2022 is 4.10%.

This number can be determined by calculating the increase or decrease in followers over a given time period and dividing it by the number of followers at the start of the period. You can use this figure to assess whether you are successfully gaining new followers or losing current followers.

Influencer CPM

Influencer cost-per-mile or CPM is the overall value and cost of employing an influencer. It is usually calculated as the cost per 1,000 impressions.

Shoppable tags

You can make shoppable Instagram posts by choosing a particula product tag when you publish a photo.  After which, viewers can click the product tags to learn more about the item and buy it from your online store.

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