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The decline of Instagram and Facebook heighten as TikTok becomes the popular choice for users

TikTok pushes other social media apps out the way.


Has your usage of time spent on Instagram and Facebook less than what it was before TikTok was introduced? There is a reason for that and we explain why.

Previously, Instagram was called out by users and celebrities such as the Kardashians and Kylie Jenner for being a copy of TikTok. Many people love the Instagram social media app as a gallery to showcase their pictures and upload a few videos. Now that Instagram is focusing more on Reels, many people are uploading more videos than posts which caused controversy online.

Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri created an Instagram Reel as soon as the news spread and told everyone why Instagram made these changes and that they were temporary. Social media apps like TikTok test new features to see the response and to see if it works. Mosseri also stated that Instagram was adapting to the times and because many people like to create/watch video content, this is what would be pushed out but that Instagram will stay the same in terms of its original purpose, being a picture posting app.

Although many people are using the latest Instagram features to push out their content such as Reels, most people are spending more time creating videos on TikTok. In a new report by The Wall Street Journal, they state that Instagram engagement with Reels is seeing a significant drop in engagement.

Even though many people are using Reels, not many people are clicking on the app to watch them. Wall Street Journal reported that users on TikTok are spending over 10x as many hours on the app as Instagram users currently send viewing Reels. Another leaked report suggests Reels engagement is declining with a drop of 13.6% in recent months.

Meta did react to the reports saying the claims do not provide the full data and therefore the full picture. No numbers from Meta have been reported by the team since 2016 when they noted that users were spending more than 50 minutes per day on average using the Facebook application as well as Instagram and Messenger.

Have you noticed you’re clicking on an app just to see what friends and family are doing? You’re not necessarily spending a long period of time on the app, but the bounce rate it high and this is what Meta is looking at improving.

Each social media app is analysing what is working, what isn’t and what they can push out more to get the engagement they need from users. Many people go onto TikTok for entertainment and it’s easy to flick through and use. On Instagram and Facebook, it’s more about connecting with people and connecting friends, seeing updates on what everyone’s doing in their lives, etc.

Those who are working on developing the app are looking at trends and watching the shift in behaviour. Entertainment is slowly becoming the focus when it comes to looking at the next generation and what they are more inclined to watch. It is less about personal insights, and meaningful content, unfortunately, but more about engaging in cultural trends.

People want to watch fast-paced videos and quick content that captures their attention instantly. Talking to the camera in a minute video will not grab users’ attention, whereas talking with transitions and movement will more likely be engaging for users.

What do you think Instagram and Facebook need to do in order to reach amazing heights and be just as good as TikTok? Is being authentic enough to work? Let us know by tweeting us @itpliveme.

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