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Who Are Family Fizz On TikTok And Why Are They Controversial?

With millions of followers and a rich influencer lifestyle, Family Fizz is yet another TikTok success story.


Family Fizz is one of the internet’s most popular families. Their YouTube channel, Family Fizz, began as a fitness channel promoting vegetarianism but quickly expanded into a full-fledged family vlogging channel.

The Iconic Family Fizz

“We’re class clowns with big hearts and we like to entertain and inspire, so on our channel you can expect lots of fun and laughter, sometimes a little craziness, but always lots of good vibes!” it says in the description of their YouTube channel. 

The Controversy

Georgie had her daughter Mia when she was just 16 years old, with her boyfriend at the time, who was a drug addict, according to reports. Georgie herself was battling drug and alcohol addiction at the time. Georgie, determined to start again, divorced Mia’s biological father and reared Mia alone until she found Darren.

She and Darren have three children together and were engaged following the birth of their first daughter, Sienna. Despite Georgie’s drug past, the family has sparked debate among some admirers who doubt some of Georgie and Darren’s parenting methods.

Some of the family’s fans got embroiled in a heated argument on about whether Sienna, at the age of nine, should still be having a bath with her mother. While some saw no harm in it, others thought it was improper.

Mia’s Story


Mia, the Fizz’s oldest daughter, is another cause of contention. Fans claim that Georgie has stated that Mia will not be taking her GCSEs since she does not require them. According to one of the family’s Tattle followers, Mia has stated that she does not need GCSEs since she would only need them if she worked for someone else one day, which she does not want to do with such a great profession as an influencer. Many, however, acknowledged that she has no idea what will happen in the future and have condemned Georgie for not pushing her daughter to complete her GCSEs.

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