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X 2023 New Unexpected Update

X adds Incognito Mode controls for spaces hosts


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X is adding a new control that will enable Spaces hosts to decide if they let non logged-in and private users join their chats in the app.

This week, X has added a new “Allow Incognito” setting to Spaces, which will let Spaces hosts decide which users to tune into their audio discussion.


X anonymous

Tuning into Spaces anonymously is similar to the ability to conceal your verification checkmark introduced in July, which appears to accept the fact that some users now regard this as a negative marking, therefore negating the entire premise of selling blue ticks in the first place.

However, with X owner Elon Musk continuing to adopt polarizing statements and link himself with controversial characters, it seems to reason that at least some of his supporters would wish to separate themselves from the same, even if only in perception.

The same is true for Spaces talks. Recently, Musk took part in a Spaces debate with famed conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and controversial influencer Andrew Tate, which many people may have wanted to listen to but may not have wanted others to know.


I doubt that most people will try to log into Spaces conversations anonymously, but it may be a useful option for allowing non-logged-in users to join, as well as for individuals who want to listen in on potentially heated debates but don’t want their identity attached to them.

The new control option guarantees that hosts of Spaces retain control over their anonymity. The new option is presently being tested with a small group of users.

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