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Gold-plated tv and pure gold sewn onto the walls? Yes, it’s an influencer’s dream.

The Burj Al Arab, one of the tallest hotels in the world, showcased its lavish Royal Suite on a private butler-led guided tour. Known as a global icon of Arabian luxury on the official Jumeriah website, the building can be seen as an influencer of its own.

Many influential names have stayed in the suite including Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton, Wayne Rooney, Lewis Hamilton, Selena Gomez and more. On Instagram, the page has 1 million followers, and the hashtag #BurjAlArab reaches over 2 million. It is also a popular YouTube upload with videos talking about the Burj Al Arab hitting over 5 million views. It is not surprising that the destination is a common place for celebrities, influencers and visitors to come together to get that perfect “instagrammable” picture. The exquisite architecture focuses on attention to detail which is depicted inside this magnificent Royal Suite. From beginning to end, the innovative design is shown with a personalised greeting followed by an extravagant entrance.

Symmetrically placed in the middle of the room, is a grand, gold and marble staircase with leopard print carpet rolled down the centre. Luxurious fabrics are placed carefully in each room which includes a bedroom, dining room, tv room, office and leisure area. Imagine having your friends and family relaxing in the sofa area watching television on a pure gold-plated TV with walls sewn with intricate gold designs. The royal combination of colours includes a rich red, gold, yellow and orange and was a theme chosen throughout the rooms. In the bedroom, was a dramatic revolving bed with ‘Her’ room splashed with fancy pink hues. Above the bed, you will find a hidden mirror with the rest of the room presenting vibrant colours on ceiling, walls and floor.

The bathrooms were picturesque with one room featuring a 24-carat gold tiled, walk-in shower. The bathtub, temptingly filled with bubble-bath and golden flakes was a main feature in the centre when walking in, crafted on the outside with marble. Not forgetting your dining experience, with an immersive dinner table giving you the opportunity to select a dish from the electronic menu, and seeing it appear on your plate before being served the meal by your private butler. Or sit on the large round table under a magical cloud design, perfect for your guests to wine and dine together.

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