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Read below the top destinations for an Instagram post!

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Beirut, city of life, love and beauty, home of many influencers, Lebanese, Arab and international. A city where you can find culture and entertainment in the most beautiful and famous destinations.

Moreover, who doesn’t like drawing attention in his Instagram posts? In the following, you find, the most striking destinations in Beirut.

Raouche Rock

Also called ‘Pigeon Rock’, it is one of the most popular locations in Beirut for locals and visitors alike.

If you type ‘Beirut’ in the search engine you’ll definitely find a photo of a gigantic rock standing on the Mediterranean Sea, you may also have bumped into it when scrolling on social media. In fact, this natural landmark has a share in social media content of Lebanese and international luxury brands.

The sunset at “Raouche” – posted by world.magical.sights

Its commercial and residential neighbourhood, is also considered a perfect ‘Instagram feed destination’. You’ll find various ideas for a catchy post, you can take a photo from the ‘Cornish’ located by its side, a post from a near restaurant, or a hotel room.

Downtown Beirut

Image Credit: Downtown Beirut by Roy ElHachem

Also known as Beirut central district, it is the tourism, historical and commercial core of Beirut. Characterised by its architectural style, by its both modern and historical style.

Downtown Beirut has always been an interesting and striking option for an ideal ‘Instagram feed’, in every season, or at every Lebanese event. when spring comes DT Beirut blooms with colours while the nature is reviving. In Christmas, usually perfectly decorated, the heart of Beirut beats with events and visitors, who spread Christmas spirit on social media.  

One the other side, after the famous Lebanese ‘revolution’, the old ‘egg building’, located in downtown took a huge part of Instagram feeds.

Old Beirut streets stairs

Gemmayzeh is an area of Beirut that is rich in street art.

Numerous colourful painted stairs connect the two neighbourhoods of Mar Mikhael and Jeitawi, are perfect for a colourful instagram feed

The pink house 

The famous ‘pink house’ (La Maison Rose) is a traditional house built in 1882. It is located in Ras Beirut area. 

It’s Ottoman arcades and balcony overlook a magical view, where you can admire the sun setting in the sea of Beirut. Its architectural design and pink colour make the house a piece of work standing on a hill, staring at Beirut’s historical transformations, and joining the majesty of its past and the pain of its present. 

Its walls, doors, arcades, windows even the floor, tell plenty of stories of the past’s glory. In fact it has a historical value, and in time many dignitaries wanted to stay in it such as General De Gaulle.

It is used now as a place of art gallery. 

Image Credit: lebanonuntravelled
Image Credit: lebanonuntravelled

Sursock Museum

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The Museum itself is an inside and outside piece of work, for its architectural beauty, and it contains a number of artworks. This house has great Lebanese historical, political and cultural value!

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