10.02 2020 09:33h

IGTV Monetization is Coming to An Account Near You

You'll soon be able to make a living from IGTV
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Exciting news for creators on IGTV.

Instagram appears to be rolling out a new monetization program for IGTV content creators as reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong released.

“You can earn money by running short ads on you IGTV videos,” Wong said in her description. “When you monetize on ITV, you agree to follow the Partner Program Monetization Policies.”

The monetization of IGTV could lure in big content creators as the chance to generate direct income from the platform.

A significant factor in the reason of IGTV not becoming a big hit with the superstar creator set is because it lacks monetization tools for content creators. However, since Instagram is testing to change that, IGTV could lure influencers and their audiences onto Instagram’s platform.

IGTV monetization is in the testing phase, Instagram confirmed. IGTV is “growing” which is why Instagram is now looking towards the next phase, according to Instagram chief Adam Mosseri.

Instagram has not released any details about how the monetization process will be and how the revenues will be split, as the truth truly lies in the details of the process.

If Instagram, and parent company Facebook, really want to make IGTV a bigger consideration, a more creator balanced revenue split could be a big thing, for if it does become a bigger thing it would make it another option for Instagram advertisers.As it would give them the potential to reach larger audiences through IGTV.

It’s time to rake that dough in with Instagram’s very own IGTV.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo credit: Unsplash


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