01.05 2017 10:56h

5 of the Best Celebrity Social Media Fights

When stars fight online there's no limit to how bizarre, dirty and just plain mean they get
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5) One Direction Fans vs British GQ

In 2013, when mega-boy band One Direction were at their still fresh-faced zenith, British GQ released a Harry Styles cover with the tagline “He’s up all night to get lucky” To most, it was a harmless quip about Style’s popularity with women and a reference to the popular Daft Punk song. To the ever loyal “Directioners” this was an insult worthy of Twitter death threats.

4) Kanye West vs Jimmy Kimmel

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel spoofed a Kanye West interview with a radio station where Kanye ranted and raved as only Kanye does. West was not amused and took to Twitter to unleash a series of Tweets against Kimmel. Jimmy seemed to see the funny side the whole time, and the two made up on his show right after.

3) Meek Mill vs Drake

If you can't recall where this feud started,  Meek Mill had called Drake out on Twitter for having a ghostwriter write his songs. Meek got the first jab in with that tweet, but Drake released two diss tracks that murdered him. Straight up. Even Meek Mill fans recognised this.

2) Kanye and Kim vs Taylor

Yeah, Yeezy and Taylor are on this list twice. But they aren’t the MVP of this battle. After West released his album The Life of Pablo many stars were upset after seeing wax replica’s of themselves in the nude on the cover his song “Famous”. This was an allusion to Vincent Desidero’s painting “Sleep”. Taylor was furious claiming that she had never given him permission to create that image of her. Enter player 2. Kim Kardashian released a tape of Taylor on the phone saying otherwise and the argument was over. Say what you want about Kim, if anyone can break the Internet it’s her.

1) Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy

This one has everything a good social media fight needs: a love interest, a villain, an underdog, the promise of a duel, and other celebrities taking sides. It all began when Soulja 'liked' Karrueche’s (Brown’s ex- girlfriend) picture on Instagram. A war of words via posts and videos on social media ensued. 

Soulja was quick to apologize stating how trivial this is, that the mature thing to do is end this spat and he felt tremendous guilt about disappointing his sick mother. That is until 50 Cent wanted to promote the fight. The hype spiraled out of control and the fight was back on. Floyd Mayweather agreed to train Soulja, and boxing legend Mike Tyson was to train Chris Brown. Millions of dollars on the line. Soulja even reminded Brown of his past assault against Rihanna, and said this fight was for her. You couldn’t make an argument over a like on Instagram any more epic. Alas Brown released a video online saying that he will be backing out of the fight after all this noise. An unsatisfying end.

That is…if it is the end? 


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