08.04 2018 10:44h

Everything You Need To Know About Social Media and UAE Consumers

Crowd Analyzer breaks down the social media habits of locals and residents in new report
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Brands, marketers, influencers, Instagram fanatics... we all like to think we're conscious of our social media habits and consumption here in the UAE.

But did you know that most social media users within the country prefer to publish their content in English? And we’re not just talking expats, this includes Emiratis as well. And that's not all.

According to Crowd Analyzer, within this past year UAE residents were more likely to access Facebook from an Android phone. This also rang true with Instagram, but not Snapchat (data shows that Snapchatters were more likely to be iPhone users.)

When you break it down, it's pretty interesting to see where interests lie when it comes to social media and the UAE, along with the profiles of those active on the platforms and how they're accessing the networks.

Curious to know more? Check out ITP Live's breakdown of Crowd Analyzer's State of Social Media 2018 in the UAE below.

Facebook and Instagram Consumption in The UAE

Expats accounted for nearly three quarters of Facebook users within the country - and the majority of the platforms users were male (approximately 65%.)

Most Facebook fans were interested in travel, fashion and gaming-related content.

Instagram users also shared similar interests. On the Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform shopping, fashion and food were the most interactive topics, with users also showing interest in fitness enthusiasts.

What does this information mean for brands and marketers? If you're an e-commerce, fashion or gaming company looking to target consumers within the UAE you should consider making the most of Facebook and Instagram. 

Snapchat Consumption in The UAE

As we mentioned above, ladies and millennials are big fans of Snapchat in the UAE.  

In the past year users were also more likely to access the platform from an iPhone.

Android users were the minority. This isn't surprising, as Snapchat images shot on an Android phone tend to be of lesser quality, in comparison to Snaps captured on an iPhone.

Therefore, Android users may be more inclined to forgo the Story-sharing platform. According to some sources, Snapchat is in the process of revamping its Android app.

Twitter Consumption in The UAE

According to Crowd Analyzer Twitter users in the UAE were also more likely to post their tweets in English. But the percentage of Arabic users was higher, in comparison to Facebook and Instagram; about a third of users in the UAE posted tweets in Arabic. 

Users also showed interests in fitness, sports, fashion and travel.

Twitter is also an excellent platform to resolve customer queries, complaints and issues.

Responding to a customer's tweet (even if it's regarding a problem) boosts consumer willingness to spend up to 20% more on an “average priced” item, service and/or experience. And for some companies in the travel industry (such as airlines and hotels), that's a lot of revenue.

Brands shouldn't overlook Twitter when creating a social media strategy. 

LinkedIn And The UAE

Compared to other neighbouring countries, the UAE boasted the highest number of Linkedin users. Sounds about right, as cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi are considered international business hubs within the region.

Male users outranked female users on the platform. And individuals in senior and management roles tended to make the most of the platform, in comparison to "Partners", "Directors" and "VPs". Recruiters should make the most of Linkedin, if they're looking to fill management and senior roles.

Did anything from Crowd Analyzer's State of Social Media 2018 report surprise you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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