10.04 2018 15:38h

Instagram or Snapchat: Here Are Egypt's Favorite Social Media Platforms

Crowd Analyzer's State of Social Media reveals interesting facts about Egyptians' social media habits
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Fun fact: Egypt is the most active nation in the region on Facebook. 

According to Crowd Analyzer’s State of Social Media Report 2018 Egyptians beat out Saudi Arabians, Emirati and UAE residents for the highest number of users on the platform out of the three countries. Men are more active on social media than women. Egyptians also prefer to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and have yet to fully embrace Snapchat and LinkedIn.

When you break it down, it's pretty interesting to see where interests lie when it comes to social media and Egypt, along with the profiles of those active on the platforms and how they're accessing the networks.

Want to know more? Check out ITP Live's breakdown of Crowd Analyzer's State of Social Media 2018 in Egypt below.

Facebook and Instagram Consumption in Egypt

Egyptians love their Android phones, and were more like to access their Facebook and Instagram accounts on non-Apple products.

Out of the 35 million Facebook users in Egypt, almost 97% of users choose to post their content in Arabic. And these statistics are also the same for Instagram users.

In Egypt, men outnumbered women in terms of being active on Facebook and Instagram.

Instagrammers within the country used the platform to create and access content on travel, food, fitness, shopping and fashion-related topics. Facebook users were interested in similar content.

Snapchat Consumption in Egypt

Unlike the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Egypt hasn’t embraced Snapchat like other neighboring MENA nations.

Millennials tend to be most active on the platform, with female millennials beating out any other demographic. Snapchatters in Egypt are more likely to access the app from an Android phone instead of an iPhone.

Twitter Consumption in Egypt

gyptians aren’t as active on Twitter, when compared to their activity on Facebook and Instagram. The platform only boasts approximately two million users within the country.

Twitter users in Egypt are more likely to post in Arabic (only 430 000 users chose to tweet in English), and men are more active on the platform than women.

LinkedIn And Egypt

Egypt had almost had the same number of LinkedIn users as Saudi Arabia. T Individuals in mid-level senior management roles were most active on the platform.

Crowd Analyzer notes that women we more inclined to use the platform, in comparison to Saudi Arabia, but didn’t have as many female users at the UAE.

Did anything from Crowd Analyzer's State of Social Media 2018 report surprise you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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