17.10 2018 14:27h

Another Instagram Crackdown is Happening

Here's how you can easily tune out the haters
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There's no place for bullying anywhere online, including your favorite social media platforms.

With National Bullying Prevention Month in the USA and the upcoming Anti-Bullying weeks in Canada and the UK, Instagram has decided to roll out a few new features.

The photo-sharing platform announced the launch of new technology to detect bullying in images and their captions, a bullying comment filter for Live, as well as a new camera effect to help spread kindness in Stories.

Here's the breakdown...

Bullying Comment Filter on Live Videos

Instagram has now added a “bullying comment filter” to comments on live videos to assure that IG Live remains to be enjoyable, yet safe when connecting with your friends and interests. It is available globally for all live videos.

Detecting Bullying in Photos

Instagram is now using a learning technology engine that efficiently and proactively detects bullying in captions and photos. This engine takes the information and sends them to their Community Operations team to be reviewed and identified, pretty cool right?

The majority of people who have overseen or experienced bullying do not report it. This change will help Instagram identify and remove a significant amount of what is being concealed and unvoiced.

Kindness Camera Effect

In other words, a filter. While Instagram wants to put a stop to cyberbullying, they believe inspiring and honoring kindness is essential for this platforms community.

Partnered up with New York Times best-selling teen author, dancer and actor, Maddie Zeigler (@maddieziegler), they have created and launched this camera filter to promote positivity.

What are your thoughts? Will you be making the most of Instagram's anti-bullying feature? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Zain Yahya. Image credit: Shutterstock and Instagram.


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