16.05 2017 11:46h

Who gets more Instagram likes, men or women?

The official results are in...
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Guys, ever mused that your Insta post would get more love and engagement if you were a girl? Girls, have you ever felt the opposite? 

Well, after a study of over 1.2 million Instagram posts from 4,000 accounts - we have an official answer. Sorry chaps, it's the ladies winning this one. And it's not even close.

The survey - conducted by Hopper HQ - ascertained that female users got five times more post likes on average than men. To break that down, it means of the million-plus examined Instagram posts, women boasted an average of 578 likes to guys' meagre 117.

What about comments? Yep, women triumph there too. Though it's not quite as comprehensive a difference as the likes situation, with Hopper HQ's data highlighting an average of 170 comments per female post, compared to 113 for men. 

It's of little wonder when (again, according to this particular survey) ostensibly guys are 10 times more likely to like or comment on female user's post than their fellow man's.  In fact, the results here showed that a mere 13 percent of comments on male posts came from other guys.

C'mon lads, let's not be stingy now. 

Ladies, congratulations. 


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