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Creators’ Tips On ‘How to not get ignored’ in 2023

With the right social media strategy, you can gain brand awareness, increase organic traffic, and generate leads

Content Creator- Influencer Marketing

Are you struggling to have a social media presence? If you are wondering how important it is for content creators to have a digital presence these days, then you are on the right track. Having a social media presence as an Influencer or content creator is crucial.

Not only do your customers expect it, but it is a great tool for connecting with individuals and knowing more about your target audience and their needs. Using organic social media marketing, you can get to know your followers and find better ways to promote your products and services.

However, you can also learn how to advertise a small business on social media with a limited budget to help your content reach more potential customers. These 10 tips from digital content creators and coaches will help you create engaging content that will make your prospective customers want to learn more about you.

Make your content understandable

The magic trick for digital content creators is to make their content easy and understandable. Because the truth is ‘If they don’t understand it, they will ignore it.”

Faizus calls himself an IG coach, and teach service providers to create profitable content & get their dream clients organically. He advises creating easy content to not get ignored by readers.

Busting the Myths to grow your audience

Is it advisable to edit your old posts? Should we repost some old best-performing content? Many will tell you not to do that, but it’s important to bust these myths to grow your audience.

Paige is a Social Media Manager & Content Strategist who helps people build their brand strategy. She explains why it is important to repost some best-performing content and edit some of your work in a timely manner.

Short-form content tips

Let’s understand what short-form content is. Short-form content is anything easy and quick to consume for your audience while reading, watching, or listening like short blog posts (below 1000 words), social media posts, podcasts, and video content.

Millie Adrian, a content creator and entrepreneur shares tips on what mistakes to avoid for short-form content. Thank you for your amazing watermark tip, Millie.

Level up your product pictures game

When we talk about content we definitely should not forget about pictures we take and post. The idea is to level up your product pictures game to make your audience fall for the product just by seeing the images.

Kunal Malhotra is a photography blogger who believes in learning, creating, and sharing what he knows. He advises using some must-have apps for photos and videos, especially if you are a content creator. Check and explore these apps by following him on Instagram.

More is only better if it’s better

Chelsea Peitz is a coach helping camera-shy humans to show up online with heart & humanity, not hustle or hacks. She helps in learning how to create content you love.

She gave this controversial advice on ranking and algorithm, that it is ranking ‘You Against You.’ It’s not punishing you for not posting as often as another content creator.

Find your sweet spot

It’s important to find your sweet spot, something that you really like doing. Isn’t it? But it is equally important to find an intersection between what you like and getting paid for it.

Jordynn Nicholson is a digital content creator and influencer, who believes in this formula and has used it to gain 20+ followers in 90 days. Her advice is to take 30 days to create content and push it and then wait for it to make wonders.

It’s Reels O’Clock

Every content has its best performing times, check for the best time before posting things on social media. Try finding some data on when to post reels or other content on Instagram, or any other social media.

Abigail Frances is an IG coach who believes in the magic of posting on time. She says “Work on the timings and see the time doing wonders for you.”

Secret to stand out among the crowd

Ginny is a marketing guide and digital content creator, who helps in building content strategy for your Instagram. Growing your audience and monetizing it to earn by doing what you are good at.

Check her list of “Do’s and Don’ts”, and build a strategy for yourself.

Set your goals

Alicia Noelle believes in the power of content marketing, she advises on having clear goals, making a strategy, and converting them into success. It’s all in the process.

Content creation is a process that starts with having clear content goals, and ends with where you picture yourself to be. We belive it is crucial to start with building some goals.

Find your niche

Don’t try to do everything, go in every direction. That will leave your audience confused and lose interest in your content. Try figuring out a niche and be consistent in producing content on that niche market.

Ezinne is a certified strategist and content creator, who guides you through your creative journey. Her advice on how to win as a content creator starts with having a niche.

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