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Why & How TikToker Abi Clarke Got Into Standup Comedy 

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Who is Abi Clarke?

Abi Clarke is a social media sensation with over two million followers on TikTok and has successfully transitioned into the world of stand-up comedy. Known for her relatable sketches and hilarious content, Abi started as a social media influencer and is growing by day in the field of standup.

How she got into comedy

The TikToker’s foray into comedy was driven by her love for performing, writing, and making people laugh. She saw stand-up as the perfect blend of these passions, offering creative control and the chance to connect with audiences.


“It’s a pretty sweet deal,” she quips. The self-made comedian’s venture into online sketch comedy began out of spite. After a sketch she submitted to a competition was not selected, she decided to produce it herself to prove the judges wrong. Her determination paid off, and during lockdown, she fully dedicated herself to TikTok, recognizing it as an untapped platform. Her first video, a comedic take on waking up to a window cleaner, remains a work of art in her eyes. Since then, she has been using TikTok as the main platform to share comedic skits and videos.

@abiclarkecomedy Have had this footage on my hardrive for 4 years and never edited it… it’s like i knew itd be relevant all over again #meangirls #meangirlsmovie #british #britishhumour #comedy ♬ original sound – B8

One of the creator’s favorite TikToks features a sketch about the interrogation that ensues when she mentions a new male friend to her parents. Filmed with director Andrew Nolan, the video’s quality and humor resonated with her audience, garnering 1.2 million likes.

Her favorite show

One of the TikToker’s most memorable gigs was a family-friendly village fete, where comedians were not informed in advance that their jokes needed to be child-appropriate. With only five minutes of material, none of the performers had suitable jokes for the occasion. To make matters worse, the section of the field in front of the stage was reserved for a dog show, leaving the audience ten meters away. Only five people stood behind the rope to watch, including a heckler in a full Peppa Pig costume. The performance ended in silence, and the next act had their microphone disconnected after using inappropriate language, resulting in the comedy segment being canceled.

Abi’s upcoming show

The influencer’s upcoming show, “(Role) Model,” promises to be an engaging and humorous experience. Describing it as a 55-minute show—or 57 with a good audience—Abi aims to create an atmosphere akin to an incredibly fun conversation with a toxic best friend.

The show delves into her viral fame, the pressures of public perception, and the struggle between who she wants to be and what others expect of her.

Takeaways from comedy

One of the most valuable lessons the comedian has learned from stand-up is that audiences enjoy seeing her flaws and vulnerabilities, making her performances more relatable and engaging.

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