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Influencers Reveal Cost-efficient Beauty Hack Using AI in 2024

Can’t seem to stick to a beauty routine? Check out this influencer-approved AI hack

Aspiring to follow a beauty routine but are overwhelmed with all the choices of products and not to mention – the price tag that comes with it? 🙁 Well, some of our favorite influencers have revealed the go-to cost-efficient tool for analyzing and preparing a beauty routine personalized just for you. Read on to find out more.

The Go-To Beauty Tool for Influencers

BeautyHub PRO is a personalized beauty solution that simplifies your routine by tailoring it to your specific needs. Influencers like Pat Chua swear by its ease of use. “It’s super easy,” she says. “All you have to do is take a selfie, and then they analyze your skin and give you beauty recommendations to solve your issues.” The result? Pat achieved the “perceived age of 20,” thanks to BeautyHub PRO’s advanced technology.

@patch.chua Want to know the status of your skin and hair? BeautyHub PRO is my recent beauty tool discovery 🤍 It's a beauty diagnostic tool powered by AI that helps analyze your skin and hair just by taking a selfie! Cool, right?? It'll also give you product recommendations after giving you the results so you’ll know exactly what to do. Best thing about it is it's free! Give it a try and go to ✨ #BeautyHubPRO #SunSilkPH ♬ original sound – sppoooke

Advanced AI for Personalized Recommendations

BeautyHub PRO uses cutting-edge technology to analyze your skin and hair, identifying unique concerns and recommending self-care essentials tailored to your beauty goals. This means no more deciphering cryptic ingredients or getting caught up in marketing hype.


Digital creator Mara Tanchanco loves its comprehensive Skin Coach feature. “It can even help you keep track of your skin goals by doing a second analysis and showing your progress since your first try,” she says. This ensures you’re always on the right track to achieving your skin and hair goals.

Time & Energy Efficient

Physician and content creator Vada So also talks about BeautyHub PRO for its game-changing analysis feature. “You can really get to know your needs from the comfort of your own home,” she says. Self-care should be a relaxing break, not another task on your to-do list. “I’m so happy to have discovered a personal beauty diagnostic tool. Now I’m ready to achieve my personal skin and hair goals thanks to BeautyHub PRO,” she enthuses.

Cost-Effective Beauty Solutions

The best part? BeautyHub PRO is free for everyone. UGC creator Evina Sicat highlights how it has simplified her routine cost-effectively. Content creator also Audrey Naguit emphasizes the importance of tailored care. “I learned that it’s truly important to know the products to use for our hair and skin,” she says. “With BeautyHub PRO, I found out which products are perfect for me.”

Additionally, TikToker Marj Maroket recommends BeautyHub Pro to her followers saying it is free and comfortable to use.

@marjmaroket The future of beauty is here with @Unilever Beauty PH ‘s BeautyHub PRO! With their AI Selfie Analysis for both my skin and hair, getting the right products for me has never been this easy! #BeautyHubPRO ♬ original sound – marj

Embrace a Simplified, Personalized Beauty Routine

With advanced beauty tools like BeautyHub PRO, you can ditch the endless product research and embrace a simplified, personalized approach to beauty. Take it from your favorite beauty enthusiasts—achieve your skin and hair goals without the stress!

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