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Instagram’s Newest Feature Limits Exposure to Sensitive Content

The social platforms attempts to filter good and bad news for users…

Instagram's Newest Feature Limits Exposure to Sensitive Content

Instagram is working on its newest addition, a feature which filters senstitive content on the platform through a new filter setting, according to IG user Alessandro Paluzzi and social media expert Matt Navarra.

As per the image above, the new setting when enabled would allow the user to “see fewer posts and videos that might be sensitive”, according to Social Media Today.

This option was also spotted in its testing mode by the reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, who had mentioned that the setting will be on by default when users come across it as it was when she had come across it.

Now, it is important to mention that Instagram already limits its user’s exposure to sensitive content by placing posts the platform deems questionable behind a screen with a “Sensitive Content” label thus giving users the option to view the photo/video if they choose to, according to Social Media Today.

This new feature is currently in its early testing mode, so according to Social Media Today there is not much information to go on with at this point in time; however, this feature looks like it will be rolled out sometime soon. 

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Photo Credit: Unsplash