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Celebrity influencer CZN Burak Visits Al Aqsa Mosque

The Chef and Influencer is known for his acts of public charity.

Celebrity influencer and Chef @cznburak visited Al Aqsa Mosque in Al Quds, Jerusalem and took part in the Friday prayers amongst thousands of Palestinians. The Chef, CZN, owns the popular restaurant chain Hatay: Civilizations Table, or in Turkish; Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrası. The chain has three branches located in Turkey, Taksim, Aksaray, and Etiler.

He also operates an incredibly popular restaurant in Dubai and another in Tajikstan. The Dubai location is a huge influencer hub, where Czn’s catchy use of trends on social media, and preparing food while looking at the camera created his viral videos. He also creates oversized food items (like attempting to break a record for making the world’s largest pizza) and creates the opportunity for visitors at the restaurant to partake in cooking their food. The experience is hands-on, and guaranteed fun. He also includes kind gestures, like bringing out bread with the names of the celebrity or influencer visiting. However, he also does lots of charity work and gives food and donations to many communities, which has also created his social media following, as viewers enjoy witnessing his good acts of faith and charity.

The first Instagram Reel’s that CZN Burak uploaded received 6.4 million views, 518 thousand likes, and 8,085 comments, with the second video getting up to 4.1 million views. Burak’s 33.3 million followers and fans were delighted to attend this public appearance as well as witness it online. Having started experimenting with food from a young age, Burak has grown to cook for celebrities and create viral videos on social media.

CZN Burak has grown his following from doing what he is passionate about and sharing it with the world. If you want to stay updated about what the chef is doing next, make sure you subscribe to our Newsletter below for the latest influencer and social media news.